White House Takes Over COVID Reporting, Bypassing CDC Amid Suspicion of Inflated Numbers

White House Takes Over COVID Reporting, Bypassing CDC Amid Suspicion of Inflated Numbers

The White House has issued new guidance for how COVID-19 data is reported to the Government. Hospitals and clinics are now instructed to submit their data directly to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This change is designed to improve accuracy of tracking data to monitor the coronavirus pandemic.

Various states have had to amend their previous filings on death counts from the virus. Colorado recently revised reporting down by about 25% after they were caught counting deaths of people who tested positive but died from other causes. An example of a 35 year old man in Montezuma County, Colorado was used when he died from alcohol poisoning but was counted as a virus death.

Many clinics in Florida are being reviewed after they were caught submitting suspicious data.  Countless labs say they’ve had 100% positive test results. That means every single person who was tested came back positive, an almost impossible anomaly. Other labs had excessively high rates. Centra Care reported 100% of the 83 people they tested were positive and Alachua reported 88% of all tests came back positive.

Before this change, the reports were send to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) but now that data will go directly to HHS. Reporting accuracy has been a looming problem for agencies who’ve pressure the country to shut down. The White House’s own task force coordinator, Dr Deborah Birx says  “there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust.” Birx reportedly suspected that deaths might be inflated by as much as 25 percent, given the problem of hospitals and health agencies classifying “COVID-19 deaths.”

The USA has dropped it’s membership from the World Health Organization (WHO) because of Chinese influence. The White House says the WHO has been corrupted by Chinese influence. It delivers evidence that the organization has become useless and even hurts the cause. The USA remains a leader of global health initiatives and will retain that position by reallocation of funds previously sent to the WHO.

WHO Director Tedros with Chinese President Xi

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  1. Watch this video from President Ghana, he was reading an email from the Rockefeller Foundation and exposes how they orchestrated this virus. Yes, Gates and Fauci were given directives from this foundation to push for masks and increase Covid cases. Please watch and share with everyone. We have been duped!!
    EXPOSED – PRESIDENT OF GHANA (VIDEO) https://bitchute.com/video/RaYsgpGV

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