White House Chief of Staff Says it’s “Time For People To Go To Jail!”

White House Chief of Staff Says it’s “Time For People To Go To Jail!”

Mark Meadows, the White House Chief of Staff did an interview this morning and made surprising comments about the Durham probe. On Sunday Morning Futures, Meadows was being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo and said plainly that it’s time for a new phase of justice in the criminal investigations of the Obamagate Trump Russia collusion hoax.

Mark Meadows with President Trump

Last week documents were released that prove the FBI was well aware that the Steele Dossier was basically garbage. “The American people expect indictments, I expect indictments based on the evidence I’ve seen” says Meadows.

We know that they, not only knew that there wasn’t a case, but they continued to investigate and spy… and yes I use the word SPY, on Trump campaign officials and even actually doing things when this President was sworn in – and after that, and doing it in inapprpriate manner.

You’re going to see a couple of other documents come out, in the coming days, that well suggest that not only was the campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately.

It’s all starting to unravel and I tell ya, it’s time that people go to jail and people are indicted.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

The Chief of Staff pressed hard on the fact that the FBI knew what it was doing. They knew that the evidence was baseless yet they continued anyway. By ignoring info and knowingly proceeding people within the FBI certainly committed crimes and the Durham probe is likely to bring down the hammer of justice.

In regard to law and order the President is working closely with the attorney general Bill Barr. The order on statues is references as an example of federal reaction to a movement to tear down historical statues in cities. The President has criticized local and state leaders for failing to protect statues and monuments.

This morning In an early morning phone call with the President, the Chief of Staff worked on responses to new initiatives on various fronts. Schools remain a priority issue for the White House and President Trump has authorized 70 billion dollars to Congress for the school opening. There’s a 5 point plan for opening up education sites across the country.

3 thoughts on “White House Chief of Staff Says it’s “Time For People To Go To Jail!”


    Trump needs to form a commission – investigate bullying on every level of government – not just federal!

  2. The public needs to see the trials of these deep state actors BEFORE the election… courts are about as fast as frozen molasses… NOW IS THE TIME… not tomorrow!

  3. IT SAYS; The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee authorized a motion to grant Chairman Ron Johnson from Wisconsin the authority to send 35 subpoenas.

    THIS IS BS IF YOU HAVE A WARRANT OR OUR SUBPOENAED THEY DON’T ASK THE SENATE HOMELAND SECURITY and; GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS. These people are not someone special just SUBPOENA THESE JERKS. They work for you, you don’t work for them.

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