Where have all the Texans Gone?

Where have all the Texans Gone?

I’m a South Carolinian who decided to put all of the politics of daily life behind me for a week, including the Covid Virus. I bought a truck in preparation for my trip so I could carry my paramotor across the country on a trip to Texas and go flying where I first learned to do so. I have been having a lot of fun with the new truck, buying small upgrades for it, making it mine. I’ve recently decided to leave all of the politics behind for a week, except I couldn’t and I’ll explain why.

As I travelled through Atlanta, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, then to Texas, I came to realize that Texas just became a mask wearing state. This is fine as far as the request goes. I happen to know, and do not believe that the virus is as deadly as the news sites would have you believe and it’s not. It’s far less deadly than the flu, even with the falsified inflated numbers. Even if you contract it, it’s curable within hours with hydroxychloroquine, and if you cannot get a subscription of that due to doctors trying to sell you some made up off the wall medical brand that will cost you $3000 a bottle and not be as effective, as a backup you can go and buy a 79 cent bottle of Tonic water with Quinine and Hydrochloride, and take a zinc tablet with it. The Zinc actually kills the virus, but you need the above to open up the cell membranes so the zinc can penetrates the cells. Without quinine and hydrochloride, the zinc will just pass through you. So I leave this with you to help Aleve your fears of this virus. Make sure it has the Hydrochloride in the ingredients though as some tonic water variants do not.

So we know this solution works. Doctors all around the country have done trials on their patients with a near 90-100% success rate. Why wouldn’t this be mainstream? Maybe because the pharmaceuticals don’t have your best interest in mind. After all, if a 79 cent bottle of tonic water and some zinc can ruin their plans to sell you a vaccine or a pill and ruin a perfect enslavement narrative to gain control of our daily lives and to steal your freedoms why wouldn’t they demonize the cure? The virus gains them everything and it’s working as evident of my trip to Texas.

Being from South Carolina, the first state to secede from the union originally during the first civil war to incite rebellion against the oppressive north at the time. We welcomed our Texas brothers with open arms as they joined us in that time around as the 2nd state to secede. Texas is the lone star state, they have a free nature about them or at least they did. I was horrified at what I saw on my trip as I stopped at the local Buc’ee’s Gas station.

(Side Note, I know Buc-ee’s is doing as the governor requested and trying to obey the request the best they can as are average Texas citizens. With signs stating masks are required and are no way at fault for this, that would be the Texas Politicians so continue to shop and support Buc-ee’s.)

For those who don’t know, it’s a large gas station that Texans and visitors love to go to, and can hold like 300-400 people in it at once with roughly 40-50 Gas pumps (Estimating) and sells all kinds of home made salsas (My favorite is the avocado and tomatillo, you should try it sometime) and products made locally in Texas, a real boon to the community and I have been there before on past trips and looking forward to going again, but when I went in this time I was probably the only one not wearing a mask. I was amazed at how many Texans were playing into the narrative and going along with the mask wearing and I fear they are lost. We have similar signs all over South Carolina, but we just ignore them and nobody is truely getting any sicker. Virus’s cannot thrive in 100 degree weather, science proves it’s safer to go out to the beach yet they close them on us. It inspired me to write this article in an attempt to wake up my fellow Texans as I know their heart and spirit is still there, it just needs to be fueled and need a reminder. While we’re not yet suggesting a secession, we, South Carolinians, are suggesting you do not comply with the mask wearing. This is a form of control and conditioning to change the way Americans behave and what they believe. Slowly you are being changed mentally and boiled alive like the frog on slow boil. Say NO to Masks Texans, you look like Communist China!

Representation of most of Texas
Representation of most of Texans today.

On another note, 9 Sheriffs in Texas came out and said they will not comply with enforcing the masks.

This is 9 out of 254 counties in Texas, a mere 3.5% of all Sheriffs in Texas. Not Good Enough Texas! Thank God for those 9 Sheriffs though, we need many more like them across this country as Texas isn’t the only state beginning to enforce state wide mask wearing. North Carolina has already instituted it, and South Carolina is next, but I believe the majority of us will not comply. (We didn’t in the first round when it was more believable and no known cure). I expected a similar response out of Texans, but I only saw roughly 1% not wearing. You are falling for the false narrative and you are becoming like the enslaved women in Iran. Did you know Iranian women used to look like Californians on the beach wearing bikinis?

Iranian women in the 60’s
Iranian women in 2020.

Folks, wearing the mask is the exact same type of enslavement. It MUST stop!

They were enslaved similarly and faces hidden to where you cannot even tell who they are. With the masks You can no longer see happiness in people’s faces, you don’t know whether they are smiling or sad, after all how can you interact with people and help your brothers or sisters if you don’t even know their mood, often times expressed via the mouth. The eyes talk but they don’t say much. Mask wearing is completely un-American and don’t think for a second this is only temporary. Do you know how long Communist China has been wearing face masks? The current powers at be will keep this on you for as long as they can as fear fuels their agendas faster than anything that has come before it, but they cannot if you just do not wear them. Fear not!

This is America people, it’s time to wake up and take back your rights and you can start with refusing to live this way and take the mask off.

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