West Virginia Democrat Mail Carrier Guilty of Altering Mail-In Ballots

West Virginia Democrat Mail Carrier Guilty of Altering Mail-In Ballots

On Thursday, a West Virginia mail carrier plead guilty to a federal charge of attempted election fraud. Thomas Cooper was arrested in May after the County Clerk discovered the altered requests. The mail carrier admitted to changing the party affiliation on ballots.

USPS Election Security in question

The state Attorney General’s office that conducted the investigation found that the ballots had been altered with a black ink pen. Investigator Bonnie Cogar said the county clerk called some of the voters after noticing their ballot requests when she knew they weren’t Republicans. The clerk then contacted the Secretary of State’s office and an investigation began.

This year several states have made drastic changes to their election processes without approval. Under the guise of the coronavirus pandemic several states have sent out absentee ballot applications to registered voters. In the state of Michigan many dead voters, people who had moved, or non-citizens found ballot applications in their mailboxes.

A recent lawsuit in Michigan forced the state to remove invalid entries from it’s voter rolls. More than 7,000 voters were removed and another 16,465 were highlighted for reviews. A Democrat clerk in the state is facing 6 felonies related to election fraud.

Mail in voting has been being pushed by some parties in the wake of coronavirus. Despite massive protests and large riots some claim it’s too dangerous to go to the voting booth. President Trump has been a vocal critic of mail-in voting. In a recent press conference the President asked about the possibility of foreign actors printing perfect replicas of our ballots.


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