US Supreme Court Rules Against George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

US Supreme Court Rules Against George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

Last Week the United States Supreme Court presented a ruling which revokes key protections for the Open Society Foundation. The organization is now declared as foreign and no longer holds first amendment protections. Founded by George Soros, the Open Society Foundation has a long history of running harmful media campaigns and funding activist organizations.

The Supreme Court ruling is written by Justice Kavanaugh and outlines various reasons for the decision. Formally the decision reverses a prior ruling by the US Court of Appeals. The Open Society Foundation had been using first amendment defenses to escape prosecution. The ruling declares that Open Society Foundation is indeed foreign and has no protection form the US Constitution.

Critics of the Soros estate and Open Society Foundation are elated with the ruling. The foundation and its founder have spent decades undermining US values and pressing policy disputes. The US is not the first country to take action against the Open Society Foundation. Russia banned all operations of the foundation and the founder George Soros is personally banned from 6 countries.

George Soros and his various shell organizations are routinely found to be background supporters of different groups. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are supported in various ways by Soros companies and organizations. This type of domestic subversion is very dangerous for any country that allows it and patriots are pleased to see the Supreme Court standing up for our citizens.

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