United Nations Wants White House to Let Rioters Destroy US Cities

United Nations Wants White House to Let Rioters Destroy US Cities

The United Nations is now weighing in on the violent riots that have swept across the county. An official commentary from the UN Human Rights Committee is expected to be released on Wednesday. A spokeswoman for the group made public comments disavowing the White House for enforcing US law. The US left the UN Human Rights Council in June of 2018.

The UN Human Rights Council takes issue with how federal forces are handling the riots in the Pacific Northwest. Erroneous reporting of unidentified police picking up peaceful protesters have been repeated by the huge NGO. The Department of Homeland Security and the White House have been very clear and direct about law enforcement. They have even shown video evidence and examples of police uniforms that clearly define their unit and wear a unique identifier.

In the USA, peaceful protests have been going on uninhibited. At night the protests turn to riots and often become violent and destructive. Federal buildings, statues, monuments, officers and even regular citizens have been targeted by violent activists. For nearly 2 straight months the streets of Portland have looked like a warzone as soon as the sun goes down. These violent activists hide behind the cover of peaceful protesters. The media complex, along with the United Nations, back this propaganda story as an effort to unseat US leadership.

Federal officers have been ordered to defend federal buildings and federal property. Failures in local and state leadership have left these important facilities unprotected and at risk. Rioters in Seattle and Portland have already burned buildings and taken over police precincts. It’s a matter of time before federal buildings are taken over as well without federal intervention.

Beloved Elk Statue in Portland, Oregon Burned by Rioters [story]

The United Nations has been exceedingly critical of the USA. Late last month a UN panel said the US Government owes reparations to African Americans. They also criticized the US Military broke ‘international law’ by killing Iranian terrorist General Solemani. The General was in Baghdad plotting an attack on the US Embassy when he was killed in a precision airstrike.

Tensions between the White House and the UN have been escalating during the Trump Administration. President Trump has routinely criticized the global institution as being biased and corrupt. He’s pointed to major failures of the UN and WHO over the decades of US membership. The WHO has repeated Chinese propaganda and put the entire world’s population at risk.

The USA has been slowly peeling away from the United Nations and it’s global panels. After leaving the Human Rights Council the Trump Administration has announced it’s formally exiting the World Health Organization (WHO). The White House says the WHO has been corrupted by Chinese influence. It delivers evidence that the organization has become useless and even hurts the cause. The USA remains a leader of global health initiatives and will retain that position by reallocation of funds previously sent to the WHO.

Early in June the World Health Organization told the public that asymptomatic spread is “very rare.” That was a major departure from prior advice that causes most countries to shut down entirely. Early in the crisis, the WHO also told health leaders that there was no sign of human-to-human transmission. These statements were directly out of the Chinese propaganda ministry. The WHO has become a perversion of it’s own cause and started to risk the health of the planet to advance Chinese ambitions.

The WHO made glaring failures at the World Health Organization in it’s handing of the coronavirus pandemic the White House announced it will be leaving the organzations

“Look at the council membership, and you see an appalling disrespect for the most basic rights,” she said, citing human rights abuses by Venezuela, China, Cuba and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley – Comment made in 2018

Wuhan, China was on lockdown for 76 days. The rest of the country was locked down for only 16 days as part of an extension of the Chinese New Year. The USA is now nearing it’s 100th day of hard lockdowns in many of the country’s political swing states. A highly coincidental fact that benefits the detractors of US ambitions.

The White House has issued new guidance for how COVID-19 data is reported to the Government. Hospitals and clinics are now instructed to submit their data directly to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). This change is designed to improve accuracy of tracking data to monitor the coronavirus pandemic.

Various states have had to amend their previous filings on death counts from the virus. Colorado recently revised reporting down by about 25% after they were caught counting deaths of people who tested positive but died from other causes. An example of a 35 year old man in Montezuma County, Colorado was used when he died from alcohol poisoning but was counted as a virus death.


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