Trump Campaign Legal Team Says Election Servers in Germany Were Confiscated

Trump Campaign Legal Team Says Election Servers in Germany Were Confiscated

Sidney Powell, a member of the Trump Campaign’s legal team said in a radio interview that “the servers at SCYTL in Germany were confiscated.” During an appearance on the Glenn Beck show she was discussing the overseas calculation of US elections. The news that the servers have been collected in a raid is a major development in the 2020 US Presidential election considering the potential evidence that may be found on those computers.


Scytle Secure Electronic Voting is a Spanish company that was founded in Barcelona in 2001. The company is owned by the Paragon Group. Scytl released a statement on Saturday disputing the reports. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has also made several statements about a raid at the Scytl facility in Barcelona.


Any foreign intervention into the US election is a major cause for concern and may invalidate the results entirely. If the claims of election fraud from the Trump campaign are even partially true, the amount of spoilage to actual results can easily exceed the amount where it would determine the outcome of the election.

In the coming months the world is going to want to learn everything it can about Dominion Voting Systems, Smartmatics, Hammer, and Scorecard. Various high-profile and well respected insiders, including retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney are exposing that statecraft tools may have been used to attempt to steal the 2020 US Presidential Election. This week Rudy Guliani and Sidney Powell are both members of the Trump Campaign’s legal team and they have discussed powerful evidence of widespread electronic fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company that develops and sells vote tabulation system and software. They manufacture the tabulation machines that election workers feed ballots into. The tabulation machines read the ballot and store the results. Workers then collect tabulation data from all of the machines and collect it into a cloud-based software package where votes are counted at the precinct, county, and state level. The company apparently has much deeper roots that go back to Venezuela. Dominion is claimed to be a front for Smartmatics, a company that was built specifically for rigging elections.

The President and his legal team continue to release more evidence of widespread election fraud. In addition to risks to election integrity from mail in ballots or absentee ballots the USA now must consider a new reality of electronic election fraud. The story will continue to develop and the fallout from mistrust in election results will continue to plague the electoral process until major changes are made to the system as a whole.

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