Trump Campaign Formally Requests Election Recount in Wisconsin

Trump Campaign Formally Requests Election Recount in Wisconsin

The Trump Campaign has made a formal request for an election recount in Wisconsin. The results in the state were a big surprise after massive rallies in the state indicated strong support. Wisconsin law requires the campaign requesting the recount to fund its operation. So far it’s expected to cost the campaign around $3 million USD.

The filing was announced today and will recount the results from Milwaukee and Dane counties. Milwaukee is the state’s largest county. Dane County includes Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. Wisconsin law requires all voters to show an acceptable photo ID whether they’re voting in person or by mail. Recounts or audits will undoubtedly uncover irregularities that may cause further investigation.

The Trump campaign claims that election clerks issued absentee ballots without applications from voters. This is a violation of state law, and if true, would be grounds for a more widespread audit of the election results. The recound would likely begin Thursday and must be completely by December 1st.

Election disputes have been widespread across the nation since election day, but results in Wisconsin are drawing extra scrutiny. The Wisconsin Republican Party has already sued Democratic County Clerk Scott McDonell in Dane County. The suit was related to Facebook posts McDonell made informing voters of voting rules that weren’t in alignment with the actual statutes in the law books.

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