The Dark Side of Disney: Sex Trafficking & Child Predators

The Dark Side of Disney: Sex Trafficking & Child Predators

Disney Inc. is beloved worldwide but what about the company’s dirty ‘little’ secrets? It is the most wholesome thing on the planet, right? When you take a peek under the hood however, Disney has some serious problems and may have some real skeletons in its closet.

james gunn, dave bautista, disney
Dave Bautista and James Gunn. Gunn was fired from Disney after sex allegations

Kids movies remain mainly under the radar because many are not scrutinized by mom and dad. Most people if asked believe Disney movies, and generally most children’s movies, are wholesome; therefore, not in need of parental prescreening for their children’s view. However, a rising trend in children’s movies, including Disney’s, now include indoctrination techniques with loaded false history, normalization of degenerate behavior such as violence, disrespecting parents/elders, racial inferences, approval of increased sexual behaviors, and more sinister agendas like normalizing pedophilia.

jungle book pedophile symbolism
Known pedophile symbolism on Jungle Book CD. Graphic depicts young boy with big bear.

Twisted people in leadership such as CEO’s, CFO’s, and Administrations of the enormous corporate media monster might be using the company, with its vast reach, as a lure for their sexual deviancies. Disney for instance has used the company’s cruise line to make scheduled excursions onto CastAway Cay Island, [link]. Disney’s own island that was formerly used for drug smuggling. The 1984 film “Splash,” starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah was filmed there. Disney has several other ports of call that includes Nassau, St Maarten, St Thomas and St John, Key West, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

On the St Thomas and St John tour Disney has included a snorkeling stop that goes to Epstein’s Island Little Saint James. For any who are not aware yet of who Jeffrey Epstein was, he was a prolific pedophile who took underaged girls to this island, Little St James (and possibly the larger island he also owned Greater St James), and allegedly molested them. Many A+ celebs, politicians, royalty, and high officials in both governments world wide as well as institutions such as the Vatican have traveled to this island.

Disney Cruise Lines was found to be taking excursions to some very dangerous places as you can see. The cruise line’s official website still lists “Little St. James Island” as a stop for guests. The island is owned by the now deceased child sex trafficker’s brother. Epstein Island, as it’s known, is rumored to have been a child sex and rape destination for elites. Secret cameras were all over the island and any illegal encounters were privately logged for future blackmail.

disney cruise lines went to epstein island
Disney excursions list “Little St. James Island” also known as Epstein Island [link]

Why would Disney Cruise Lines go to Epstein Island? The tiny island has barely enough facilities for more than a few dozen people. The construction that has taken place on the island is reportedly unpermitted and the island ownership had been paying daily fines for many years. It seems like high negligence to bring a cruise ship full of children anywhere near an island like this. However, with the company’s creepy secrets, perhaps there’s no negligence at all. If you want to go deeper into this topic, search “Missing children on Disney Cruises” and be prepared for another level of shock and awe. This topic is not for everyone, only those who wish to proceed down a dark, disturbing path but diligently want the truth.

Corporate level leadership of Disney has been caught wrapped up in child sex crimes on numerous occasions. Michael Laney, the Vice President of Disney for years, was sentenced to six years in prison on child sex crimes. The 73 year old man was charged with first degree sexual abuse of a 7 year old girl. The sentence came after intense and difficult court proceeding.

This wasn’t Laney’s first go-around with the law either. The well defended Disney executive had previously been acquitted of three counts of rape and another three counts of sexual abuse. This string of crimes and long history of sexual child exploitation was completely ignored by the board, despite the company’s target audience being minors.

Michael Laney guilty of sex crimes
Michael Laney, Disney VP guilty of child sex crimes

Actress Bella Thorne told a heart wrenching story of her rise in Disney. She says “getting molested from age 6-14, being abuse all the time, I was being molested, people have no idea the type mistreatment I was dealing with [while a Disney star] that everyone around me saw and did nothing.” Sadly, her story is not unique. Actress Paz de la Huerta has publicly named the company’s executives and even mentioned Harvey Weinstein.

“Friendly” corporate culture can create an environment inside the whole company. Between 2006 and 2014 more than 35 Disney employees were arrested and accused of child sex crimes. Charges include trying to meet a minor for sex, possession of child pornography, or other child sex crimes. [link]

‘More than a dozen men in central Florida, including two Walt Disney World employees, have been arrested as part of a sting operation that targeted child pornography distributors. As the article states “Every time one of these folks receives, downloads, uploads the victim, a child victim who’s being sexually battered or [is] in a provocative position, that child is victimized once again,” Judd said.

Many of the victims involved in the operation were under a year old at the time they were “being attacked or sexually attacked in video or in photographs,” Judd said.’

Theses disturbing cases are endless. The park is a magnet for sexual predators and has done an abysmal job of everything except covering up the stories. In February of this year the CEO Bob Iger stepped down in a surprise move. Bob Chapek took over the role in a quick shuffle. Bob Iger remains with the company in an unknown capacity and it’s not been released what drove his resignation. This move signals trouble among the leadership for the company.


Pinocchio was written in 1881. Disney released its animated version of the story in 1940. In light of recent developments with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, including the acclaimed pedo island, people have begun looking at a particular scene a little differently. The scene is of a banker telling two foxes about his plan to kidnap boys and bring them to a “Pleasure Island.

Could the story this character tells be a nod to activities like that which took place on Epstein’s Island? Rumors of so called “pleasure islands” have been around for a long time. In Michigan, Fox Island was notoriously used by elites for sexual escapades, sometimes involving children. Jeffrey Epstein himself has connections to the area after he funded a boys camp and had a private lodge made nearby. Even the father of Jon Benet Ramsay, a young girl who was sexually assaulted and murdered in Colorado, whos’s case remains unsolved to this day, is rumored to have visited Fox Island. Those who want to go deeper: Research the true origins of the Disney stories and their occult meanings.

South Fox Island light-house and residence

In Florida, the Disney corporation has taken some incredible measures to protect itself. The company essentially owns the municipalities that the parks are in. The entire community is under Disney’s control. The municipality is called Reedy Creek Improvement District and was created in 1967 by the Florida Legislature; Walt Disney himself had made the request. The area now includes the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista.

Reedy Creek operates like any other municipality in Florida, except its wholly owned by Disney. They can write building codes, sell bonds, produce electricity and kill mosquitoes. Even the elections for board positions are under Disney’s corporate control. There are less than 100 official residents who live within Two Gates Parks. All residents are Disney employees who are ‘handpicked’ by the company.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District does not have its own police department however, there is an extensive ‘security’ team in the park but absolutely no local police allowed. State and Federal officers do have jurisdiction but those forces typically only come by request of the park’s top management. In recent years the park has been paying the county to hire more Orange County sheriff’s deputies under advisement for Homeland Security protection of the park. Needless to say, Disney takes its security very seriously-to protect the entire franchise and the high-level employees, not necessarily the attendees.

Disney is a ‘sacred cow’ for most people who grew up adoring the larger than life characters both on the big screen and on home movie theatres. The Disney character and movie merchandise alone is a multi-billion dollar franchise annually, not including the cruise ship income nor the actual park attendance profits. Total income for the 4th quarter only in 2017 was 12.8 BILLION dollars. To say Disney is popular is a vast understatement.

In light of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, Epstein’s name and story are front page news in the alternative media once again. A point to remember is that ABC is owned by Disney and they spiked the Epstein story when they had a chance years ago to bring this horrific information to the MSM and main street. However, as you could deduce from the information discussed, it was in Disney’s best interest to not disclose this information to the public en masse.

In this age of the ‘Great Awakening’ hard truths are coming out of shadows and into the light of day. The topics discussed in this article are really only scratching the surface of not only on Disney Incorporated but society as a whole. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing,” Edmund Burke. It’s time to take a stand. Patriots all over the globe have ALL of the power: your voice matters and your pocket book matters even more. So whether you are a parent, grandparent or perspective parent or grandparent, it is time to do the hard but necessary work to protect those you love. Get educated about these and other important topics. Then, make it count where it hurts the most. Godspeed!

Special thanks to @QBlueSkyQ and @BerryDivine77

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  1. Actually Disney hires more pedophile s & convicted fellons then any corporation for decades.Read Disney the mouse betrayed.Gives all the details even names of employees & criminal records.

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  3. your facts are way off….. Gunn was fired for old racist tweets ….. lol and now he is back and disney cruise Never went to epestein island

  4. I had been to many Disney Cruises, Disney never offered an excursion there. For many years, other boats offered snorkeling around there as it’s known to be a great location. I don’t think the Magical Kingdom website you listed above is affiliated with Disney. In addition, that tour was offered after Epstein’s death in 2019 after the government ceased his 2 properties in the island. People are compelled to get a glimpse of his property. Get your facts straight before publishing!

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