Suspicious COVID Reports: Multiple Labs Say 100% of Tests Given Came Back Positive

Suspicious COVID Reports: Multiple Labs Say 100% of Tests Given Came Back Positive

Yesterday’s daily testing report from the Florida Department of Health is highly suspicious. Countless labs say they’ve had 100% positive test results. That means every single person who was tested came back positive, an almost impossible anomaly. Other labs had excessively high rates. Centra Care reported 100% of the 83 people they tested were positive and Alachua reported 88% of all tests came back positive.

Example of several 100% reports from Florida, there are many more in the report

The overall report says Orlando Health had a 98% positive rate. Fox 35 contacted the hospital and they admitted the numbers were not right. Orlando Healthy says it’s positivity rate is only 9.4%, not the 98% stated in the report. The Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center said their positivity rate was 76% and their spokesperson told the local news outlet that it doesn’t reflect the real number which is actually 6%.

Trump Rally in Sunrise, Florida in November 2019

President Trump has planned major campaign events in the state. The Republican National Convention has officially moved to Jacksonville but the situation in the state is putting that event under pressure.

On June 10th President Trump hinted at having a rally in the sunshine state sometime soon. Florida is a key battleground state. Strange reporting like this puts the campaign plans for President Trump in a precarious spot. The campaign must reckon with the reports even when there’s suspicion about the validity of the date.

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