Suspect Dead of Gunshot Wound After Judge Salas Son Killed, Husband Shot

Suspect Dead of Gunshot Wound After Judge Salas Son Killed, Husband Shot

Tragedy struck overnight in New Jersey when a hitman attacked the family of a Federal Judge. She survived the attack, however her son was killed and her husband was shot multiple times. The Judge is presumed to have been the target but it’s not clear or confirmed. Judge Esther Salas was recently assigned to over see high-profile cases involving Deutsche Bank and Jeffrey Epstein. FBI and US Marshals are involved in the case.

The US Attorney General made a public statement regarding the attack. It’s a shock to the justice system to have an attack on members of the court. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and jurors all take risks when participating in the system. It’s not the first time a Judge has been attacked but this event comes at a moment when major cases are coming through the courts.

So far the shooter has not been identified. Early rumors of a man connected to a case Judge Salas was overseeing. However, there’s no confirmation and the case is still considered an open investigation. Authorities have not charged anyone yet.

“On behalf of the entire Justice Department, I send my deepest condolences to Judge Salas and her family on the death of their son and wish her husband a swift and complete recover. This kind of lawless, evil action carrioed out against a member of the fereral judiciary will not be tolerated, and I have ordered the full resources of the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service to investigate the matter.”

Attorney General Bill Barr

During the fight, the Judge’s husband received multiple gunshot wounds and is now in stable condition at the hospital. The Judge’s older brother reports that their son died of a gunshot to the heart. His name was Daniel Anderl and he was 20 years old.

A man linked to the Judge, Roy Den Hollander, was found dead of a gunshot wound. His body was located about two hours away in upstate New York in the town of Rockland. Police say the wound appears to be self-inflicted, but a case of this magnitude should not be handled as other, more typical shootings. The Judge was in the basement of her residence when the shooter posed as a FedEX driver to gain entry to the home.

Hollander was apparently a lawyer who had a case before the Judge. His case was a challenge to the military’s male-only draft policy. Officials wonder about connections to the recent death of Marc Angelucci. Both are connected to men’s rights groups.

Angelucci was pronounced dead at Glenwood Drive in Cedarpines Park. County deputies were called to a shooting at 4PM last weekend. He had founded the National Coalition for Men. The men’s rights advocacy group was controversial and Angelucci had been featured in documentaries such as “The Red Pill” released in 2016. There were no arrests in his death.

The high-profile case assigned to this Federal Judge is about regulatory violations committed by Deutsche Bank. The New York Financial Supervisory Authority had levied massive fines against the bank for a variety of violations. The NYFS was seeking $150 million. Some of the violations included the bank’s unusual relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

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