Steve Bannon and Miles Guo Launch a New Party in China

Steve Bannon and Miles Guo Launch a New Party in China

Today, June 4th 2020, Steve Bannon and Miles Guo announced a new political party meant to take power in China. This comes as both a surprise and an expected turn of events. There has been great contempt among the people of China against the ruling Chinese Communist Party. However this announcement is quite fleshed out and appears to have a lot of significant backing. Steve Bannon and Miles Guo are both large political figures in their respective rights.

The announcement comes in the form of an 18 hour social media blitz. Guo and Bannon sat in a boat with the Statue of Liberty behind them while doing a live streamed video on twitter. At the same time aircraft flew around carrying banners with hashtags supporting the party.


They have also released a 26 page PDF documenting the philosophy of the party, it’s goals, it’s disputes with the CCP and some extended history and information about the party and it’s flag.

Among this list of disputes with the CCP is the claim that CCP deliberately released the Coronavirus specimen from the Wuhan Lab in China.


The Chinese Communist Party is a terrorist organization funded by the Communist International which has subverted the legitimate Chinese government in the past. Totalitarian rule in China has caused horrific atrocities against humanity, total disregard for human rights, the destruction of humanity, trampled all over democracy, violated the rule of law, dishonored lawful agreements, caused great bloodshed in Hong Kong, and the exported corruption across the globe. Recently, it unleashed a biological attack on the free countries of the world with the CCP-Virus (the COVID-19 virus), which poses a serious threat to the health and survival of all human beings. The crimes it has committed are too heinous to be tolerated!

This marks a major moment for China. There’s growing animosity for the way CCP is operating it’s control of the country. There’s no doubt that global tensions and trade challenges are contributing to pressure. For now this announcement is just kicking off. Stay tuned for updates to track the progress of this movement. It remains unclear if there’s enough support to displace a very powerful and entrenched communist Government in China.

We’ll await to see the reaction from the establishment power in China. President Xi and the Chinese Communist Party are not likely to take kindly to this announcement. Their social media restrictions may come up to a full test of their abilities when faces with a multinational blitz with numerous political leaders. Recent protests and political strife in Hong Kong have pressed the nation’s ability to control public perception. At the same time protesters and resistance supporters have migrated to alternative networks for their information. We will keep you posted.

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