Reddit Accepted $150 Million From Chinese Firm ‘Tencent’

Reddit Accepted $150 Million From Chinese Firm ‘Tencent’

Today Reddit banned nearly 2,000 communities, mostly along partisan lines. The largest was “The_Donald” a pro-Trump community, known as a subreddit on the site. The purge comes at the same time as numerous high-profile suspensions and bans occurred across the net.

Twitch and Reddit have both made large suspensions today. Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, was suspended from Twitter. India also banned 59 different apps nationwide.

Last year, a Chinese tech giant known as Tencent, gave a $150 million dollar investment to Reddit. The Chinese firm is known for the famous chatting app known as WeChat and the hit-game League-of-Legends. Reddit users immediately began worrying about censorship changes.

Chinese online censorship

Reddit has publicly admitted to accepting the money. China has expressed intense censorship controls on various other social media platforms. This investment may represent a direct effort to gain influence over large US based social media companies.

The Pentagon has issued strong warnings about various Chinese apps. In January the Pentagon blocked the app from all military devices, insisted members delete the app, and cited “potential risk associated with using the TikTok app.”  “It is considered a cyber threat,” says Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa, an Army spokeswoman,

“We do not allow it on government phones.” … “It is considered a cyber threat,”

Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa – Army

The main concern with TiktTok has been how the app is able to backdoor and gain root access to the users phone. This grants Chinese access to users’ photos, text message history, browsers history, camera data and microphone recordings. It’s plausible that phones with the app installed could be used as a botnet.