Project Veritas ANTIFA Expose Continues…

Project Veritas ANTIFA Expose Continues…


Recently, the White House has begun the process of declaring ANTIFA as a Domestic Terrorist Group. This special designation gives extra judicial powers for monitoring group members and bringing criminal cases against them for working together in a conspiratorial nature.

ANTIFA has been crossing state lines to participate in protests all over the USA as broad protests have popped up in response to the death of George Floyd.

James O’keefe of Project Veritas continues an expose of ANTIFA with hidden cam footage of fight instructors coaching members on how to violently attack. A fight instructor who calls himself Chris carries on throughout the video talking about gouging eyes out and the use of blunt objects like axes or bats

ANTIFA has been broadly criticized as being the violent arm of the liberal left wing Democrat party in the USA. Over the past decade this group has appeared at almost every major protest. Normally in blackout, ANTIFA members have been seen hitting people with hammers in the chaos of a crowd or doing crazy things like attacking a police horse.