Privacy Invasions Abound

Privacy Invasions Abound

When you think of privacy invasions we often think of someone going through your trash and looking at your bank documents or learning your social security number to be used at a later time for identity theft, or possibly even our phones cameras recording things in our homes.

I’m here to tell you, the state of things is even worse than that.

Violations of our 4th Amendment Rights are everywhere and are mostly being perpetrated by our own government agencies than by hackers or foreigners. Or if they are allowing other foreign countries to do so via the Five Eyes program, our government is still complicit by allowing and making use of such a program. If you ask the government they will say this is not the case. It’s just an excuse for them to spy on our own citizens. The founding fathers didn’t intend for the government to know the private affairs of it’s people, and is why it’s one of the earlier listed Amendments. It is also why the 1st Amendment is about the freedom of speech so we can sound the alarms when the ones afterwards become violated as I’m doing now.

Now you may wonder what I’m getting at and what new way of privacy invasion have I discovered that you are not aware of. First, I need to explain something and you may end up guessing it before I can disclose it here in just a moment. There were articles about 2-3 years ago about how an Audio Recording device pointed at your Computer can literally read the electronic vibrations coming from your CPU and can recreate your CPU’s actions based off of that recording. Including reading encryption keys as they are generated which would allow the listener to recreate and decrypt whatever it was you were attempting to encrypt. (One day that will be the governments way of decrypting your documents via IoT 5G devices in the home always monitoring for those keys, and then storing them remotely.) The microphones on our phones are highly sophisticated, more so than one would think. They can record things at a high rate, and then upload the data to a central server somewhere, slow down the audio recording and then apply it to custom made software made by our government. Hackers can also do this but it’s more likely to occur by our governments than by hackers. More things can be determined by an audio recording than one would think. It can determine what you are watching on TV and figure out what Advertisements to show you. Many of us have seen tailored adverts as of late. How did they know?

About a year ago there was an article talking about how your Television will communicate with your smartphones microphone to better target advertisements. Big tech companies are not our friends. Like a Hammer that thinks everything is a nail, Big Tech Companies must have Big data to crunch and use that data to improve our lives, except our lives aren’t really improving are they? That information is being used to better control the American People, but this is not just limited to America. Just look no further than Chinese style censorship. That’s our future if we do not start standing up and protecting our 4th Amendment right to privacy. They can already do it technologically.

In fact they already have a key made on file ready to be printed to nearly every home in America. This is the heart of this article here. They could use that key on your door locks and walk right in and you’d never see any signs of breaking and entering. How might you ask? Well your smart phone has given them the ability print out an analog key to your homes front door locks. It can record the sound of your key entering into your door lock, and because you also probably use the same key for both top deadbolt and bottom door lock, it can record two attempts, compare them and get a more accurate picture of each tumbler hit made. To the human ear, it all sounds the same when inserting a key into a lock, but to a computer it can tell easily the height of each tumble, and in what order, so well in fact that their software can analyze and print out a real physical key, then use it on your locks and enter your home should they wish. They also can just ram your door, but this way leaves no evidence.

So you may say, I leave my phone in my purse or pocket when I open the door, but can you say you’ve done that 100% of the time? Let’s say you do, and they don’t have a profile of your key just yet. Do you have one of those new Ring Smart Doorbells? Internet connected? It records video and audio. Who controls Ring? Who controls that company? You have your answers. Don’t get a Smart Doorbell as it can record the key audio.

It’s getting to the point especially with a 5G connected world where every device is internet connected will also carry microphones, cameras, vibration sensors, all sorts of things and an online digital profile is being built on you. You have no privacy. The Amish had it right. They don’t invite technology into their homes and they live a far richer life and enjoy their privacy far more than we do, but with satellite tech, and 5G tech encroaching ever closer, even they won’t be able to enjoy this for much longer.

Check out our privacy article on 5G to learn more about how invasive it will be.

You may say “Well the government will never break into my home, why would they need to?” Well one used to think the government would never enforce people wearing masks or Hijabs either. Or perhaps forced vaccinations. Law enforcement require a warrant to enter into your home. If they could get in easy by staking out until you leave, they could come in, invade and inspect and lock the door on the way out and you’d never know it. It’s only a matter of time before we reach the point where we may decide we want to not participate in those things, and the government could send a team to your house and just open the door with a key they printed thanks to the data from your smart phone or smart doorbell. Do you want the government having such easy access to your front door? I sure don’t.

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