Are Political Activists Starting Oregon Wildfires?

Are Political Activists Starting Oregon Wildfires?

Wildfires are out of control this season along the Western coast of the USA. Evidence is mounting that arson and domestic terrorism carried out by political activists may be behind the huge number of fires. The Oregon Office of Emergency Management says 500,000 Oregon residents are now officially under evacuation orders. That’s more than one fifth of the state’s population.

The Multnomah Sheriff released evidence of fireworks being set off in remote parts of the woods. Other evidence overlaying the wildfires on a map shows most begin within close range of the interstate highways. Local groups who typically oppose one another are finding common ground in protecting their community from outside attack.

Every summer we see headlines about fires in California but things are very different this year. The number of fires is far in excess of what’s normal and the temperature and humidity cycles have been rather favorable this year. So what’s causing the uptick in wildfires? Many reports of intentional fires have been coming in while the state, already short on resources, struggles to meet the challenge.

Sheriff Michael Reese of Multnomah County in Oregon posted photos of fireworks saying “The fireworks were placed about 100-150 yards off the road.” In that instance deputies were able to put out the fire thanks to local observers who called in to report the flames quickly. The Sheriff’s deputies were able to put out the fire “using a shovel and water.”

Gresham Firefighters near Mt. Hood in Oregon also reported suspicious nature of fires in their area.”The fire was suspicious in nature and under investigation” said the official social media account for the Gresham Professional Firefighters. That department reported running 144 calls in a 36 hour period starting at 7 AM on September 8th.

Video is circulating of a conversation between a police officer and an activist member of the group Copwatch. Copwatch is typically critical of police activity and is known for filming officers while they make arrests or traffic stops. In the video the police and the Copwatch activist are coming together and working collaboratively to share information and help protect their community. These two groups who typically oppose one another have finally come together against what are very dangerous attacks.


ANTIFA has already been causing chaos in the region with the autonomous zone in Seattle and other organized riots. The US Attorney General Bill Barr has commented on these things saying the US Department of Justice will be pursuing charges under domestic terrorism statutes. Federal forces have been sent to several states to combat organized rioting and fill gaps left by complicit local leaders.

Arson in a zone at high risk for wildfires during a pandemic lockdown where public authorities and local resources are already strained, is abhorrent. Although never acceptable, arson at this time rises to the level of domestic terrorism and attempted murder. Lockdown regulations and pandemic concerns are causing an abnormally high number of those affected by fire evacuations to stay put and try to ride out the situation. The fires are worse, the response is worse, and less people are evacuating. This situation is leading up to become a potential catastrophe.

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