Over 7,000 Invalid Voters Removed from Voter Rolls in Detroit, Michigan

Over 7,000 Invalid Voters Removed from Voter Rolls in Detroit, Michigan

A lawsuit has forced the City of Detroit to remove more than 7,000 invalid voters registrations and must also review another 16,465 records. A watchdog institute known as the Public Interest Legal Foundation sued the city and won. Detroit has been the center of attention in debates over election fraud. Findings by the election authority after losing this suit appear to prove the concerns where well founded.

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 “This case wasn’t complicated. The City of Detroit could have started to fix these problems before litigation, but didn’t. Other jurisdictions should take note—if you don’t act on solid data that your voter rolls are corrupted with dead and duplicate registrations, you will be sued.”

Christian J. Adams President of PILF

Mail in voting has been a topic lately after the Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, sent out absentee ballot applications unrequested to all registered voters in Michigan. Instantly, citizens of Michigan began reporting incidents of prior tenants, dead family members, or foreign citizens getting ballot applications.

Earlier this year, Southfield, Michigan clerk Sherikia Hawkins was bound over in Oakland County Circuit Court. The Democrat elected official is facing six felonies tied to the November 2018 election cycle. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel defended the matter calling it a “rare” case and adding that “voting is fundamental to the very essence of our democracy,”

“Earlier this year, PILF acquired the statewide qualified voter file from the Michigan Secretary of State for the purpose of comparing registration lists against federal death records,

 “The Foundation ultimately sampled all active registrants whose respective ages were 85 years or older, finding more than 2,500 within the age range who were listed in the Social Security Death Index with corresponding death records and/or obituaries.”

PILF Statement

Court documents allege that Hawkins altered at least 193 absentee voter records. She was first arraigned in September of 2019 in 46th District Court on election-law charges including falsifying records, forgery of a public record, misconduct in office, and multiple counts of using a computer to commit a crime. Forgery of a public record by itself is a 14 year offense. Computer records show that Hawkins computer and unique name made the alterations to public record.

County by county results in 2018 Governor Election

Stories of voter fraud in Michigan always tend to favor Democrats. The party is apparently unable to pursue a victory under fair circumstances and must always resort to some form of cheating. 2018 election result maps broken down by county show that Gretchen Whitmer was carried into office by Detroit. Questions over the validity of the Detroit vote call into question the validity of the position of Governor held by Mrs. Whitmer.

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