Officers Resigning as Leaders Leave Them Unsupported

Officers Resigning as Leaders Leave Them Unsupported

In the wake of protests across the nation this month, many police forces are facing high numbers of officers quitting, resigning, or retiring. This weekend the Minneapolis Police Department was forced to accept the resignation of 7 officers who cited a lack of support from above.

Riot police stand in line

Current and former officers say they are upset with Mayor Jacob Frey’s decision to abandon the Third Precinct Station. Demonstrators set fire to the building and hurled bricks and insults at police. Congressional rep Ilhan Omad (D-Minn) says the department is “rotten to the core.”

The Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arrodondo, says he’s withdrawing his contract negotiations with the police union as an attempt to force change on the department. Next, the contact will face new review that will “provide greater community transparency and more flexibility for true reform.”

The Minneapolis city council this week also unanimously voted to defund and dismantle the city’s police force.