Notre Dame Backs Out of Hosting First Presidential Debate

Notre Dame Backs Out of Hosting First Presidential Debate

The first Presidential debate of 2020 is hitting some complications. The leadership at Notre Dame University in Indiana backed out of hosting. They claim that ‘heath concerns’ have driven the decision. The commission in charge of scheduling debates has already announced the event will be moved to the Health Education Campus (HEC) in Cleveland, Ohio.

Biden delivered a commencement at Notre Dame in 2016

Supporters of the President have been anticipating maneuvers by the Biden campaign to avoid debates altogether. The presumptive democratic nominee has had issues with speaking, especially without a teleprompter or when taking questions. Biden’s campaign events have been highly structured and he’s entirely avoided question and answer sessions.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden made an announcement today that he will not hold any campaign rallies. He claims the virus risk is too high to bring people together. Mr. Biden has struggle to fill other venues.

Empty Biden campaign event

The President has also been critical of the Biden campaign strategy. The President has tweeted numerous times calling the candidate “Sleepy Joe” and asking “Where’s Hunter?” alluding the nominee’s son who’s wrapped up in foreign scandals. Biden has been dodging questions about sweetheart deals that were made in China, Iraq, and Ukraine.

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