No Injuries and Three Arrested for Drive By Shooting at Detroit Police

No Injuries and Three Arrested for Drive By Shooting at Detroit Police

Last night while doing routine police work, officers were fired at by a vehicle passing by on Telegraph Rd at around 3:15 AM. The officers were waiting for a tow truck when a white Kia Sorento pulled up and began shooting. Officers took cover behind vehicles and were not injured.

The incident took place in front of a motel while four officers were in the parking lot. Police witnesses say the driver passed by, turned around, drove back and then shot several times. Officers did not return fire. The vehicle was pursued and eventually crashed into a semi.

Detroit police officer shot in head still in critical ...

“Police officers were out here working hard, getting guns off the street and making the city safe and for no reason what so ever. This person was completely unrelated for what they were here for, so it’s befuddling and it’s upsetting,”

 Police Captain Micheal Dicicco

Police tracked down the vehicle at Outer Drive and Blackstone and made three arrests. Two men aged 19 and 20 as well as a 14 year old girl. Police at the scene were able to locate shell casings in the scene that will be used to forensically match the firearm used.

The initial stop the police were on included the recovery of several firearms and two arrests. The shooting suspects are thought to be unrelated to the first incident and may have been opportunistically taking their shots while the police were standing waiting in an open parking lot.

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