Nancy Pelosi Says  “I don’t think there should be any debates”

Nancy Pelosi Says “I don’t think there should be any debates”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stunned listeners today when speaking about the upcoming presidential debates. Pelosi said she doesn’t think there should be any debates, alluding to the coronavirus lockdowns that are ongoing in many states across the nation.

“Don’t tell anybody I told you this.. Especially don’t tell Joe Biden. But I don’t think there should be any debates.”

Nancy Pelosi

Presidential debates for this election cycle are highly anticipated. The Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, has been struggling at public appearances to avoid gaffes and speak without constant errors. Widespread commentary about dementia and degrading mental capacity have been plaguing the campaign.


Joe Biden himself has been firm that he’s looking forward to debating President Trump. There are three debates currently scheduled. Finding venues has been somewhat troublesome but so far everything is on schedule and ready to go. The leadership at Notre Dame University in Indiana backed out of hosting. They claim that ‘heath concerns’ have driven the decision. The commission in charge of scheduling debates has already announced the event will be moved to the Health Education Campus (HEC) in Cleveland, Ohio.

President Trump at the primary debates in 2016

Earlier this month the President published a tweet with a soft mention of potentially delaying the 2020 Presidential election. Like clockwork, the collective mainstream media recoiled and firmly insisted elections go forth as planned. This election season has been especially contentions because of lockdown orders in many states across the country. Democratic speakers have been trying to institute mail-in voting while the rest of the country remains concerned over election security.

This year several states have made drastic changes to their election processes without approval. Under the guise of the coronavirus pandemic several states have sent out absentee ballot applications to registered voters. In the state of Michigan many dead voters, people who had moved, or non-citizens found ballot applications in their mailboxes.

A recent lawsuit in Michigan forced the state to remove invalid entries from it’s voter rolls. More than 7,000 voters were removed and another 16,465 were highlighted for reviews. A Democrat clerk in the state is facing 6 felonies related to election fraud.

Mail in voting has been being pushed by some parties in the wake of coronavirus. Despite massive protests and large riots some claim it’s too dangerous to go to the voting booth. President Trump has been a vocal critic of mail-in voting. In a recent press conference the President asked about the possibility of foreign actors printing perfect replicas of our ballots.

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