Michigan’s Oakland County Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Whitmer’s Mask Rule

Michigan’s Oakland County Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Whitmer’s Mask Rule

This week a new executive order from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer takes effect. Her order mandates the use of masks both indoors and out. The order includes threat of fines to anyone who violates the order. The order also threatens the licenses of businesses who do not refuse service to customers who do not follow the order.

Leaked email correspondence with the Sheriff indicates he’s unwilling to enforce the order. He says plainly that the order “is not a law” but says the department will respond to complaints and calls for service. Various Sheriffs across the country have publicly stated they will not enforce Governor mandated mask orders, explaining that executive orders are not law.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says the order “is not a law.”

In this country, laws have always been created by the legislature. Governor Whitmer’s mask order defies precedent and borders on tyranny. She’s basically taken over the role of the legislature and decided to write her own laws in an authoritarian manner. Business owners are pressured to do the bidding of the Governor, regardless of whether or not they agree, under threat of losing their business licenses.

The state has been fighting back against Whitmer’s excessive executive orders. She’s used the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, passed in 1945, to impose emergency restrictions on the state. Legislators have submitted bills to revoke the Governor’s special power.

The Governor has come under intense pressure recently as her state shutdown order passes it’s 90th day after promises of just 15 days to stop the spread. Whitmer is facing numerous lawsuits. Her administration recently lost a Michigan Supreme Court case against Owosso barbershop owner who defied her order. The State Board of Canvassers has also officially moved into the middle phases of their recall effort. The recall petition is expected to far surpass the nearly 1 million signatures required for a recall.

The Board of State Canvassers has recently completed a draft of recall language that has since passed approval. Once signature collection begins on July 29th, the petition must get just over one million signatures.

21 thoughts on “Michigan’s Oakland County Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Whitmer’s Mask Rule

  1. Sorry to derail your persecution complex, but the governor DOES have the authority to impose this. It’s called the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act, enacted in 1945, and since it is still on the books today, the governor’s legal powers to act and impose public health orders are fully legal and enforceable.


    1. What an idiot you are, sheriffs are not above the governor and she is doing her job to protect the people of Michigan he just showed how defiant he is and needs to be removed from his position and put back on the road!

      1. Wrong, the Sheriff takes DIRECTIONS FROMthe county, GESTAPO Gretchen’s executive order are suggestions not laws that have been voted on by the legislature. LOCK-DOWNS didn’t work but NOW she says masks are all we need (even though less than 50% effective) but three us with more useless LOCK-DOWNS if we don’t COMPLY. She is strictly a POWER-HUNGRY-TYRANT. It’s not her job to protect us, that’s for us to do ourselves

  2. I heard the 1976 Law allows a Governor to declare Emergency for 4 weeks only! The 1976 Law also requires Gretchen to seek the consent of the Legislation for extensions. She refuses to negotiate with the Legislature

  3. The most recent Michigan Constitution was ratified a in 1963 and specifically requires all laws to be approved by the ligislature, thus , rendering the 1945 act moot.

  4. She is already up for recall just collecting enough signatures. No one can believe her scientific made up numbers & if you get it she acts like everyone is going to die instantly i refuse to follow her orders that constantly change to suit herself only what a joke just another useless dumbocrat bitch

  5. “Boardering on tyranny” okay honey. We get it, you’re too selfish to wear a mask. Just shut up and do it, it doesn’t hurt you and no one is infringing on your rights.

  6. This is frightening. Shes not being allowed to do her job.
    All of the idiots who are against this order, will be standing in funeral parlors, picking out caskets for their loved ones…if they have any.

  7. Last night as I heard Cuomo call President Trump a POS. He was upset about Trump getting rid of that midget nazi fauci. Who most Americans believe is a screwball in the first degree. Cum\omo is advocated violence against whites and he is a terrorist who should be arrested immediately. He is t psychopath. I also listened to the Ingrma angle on Fox for awhile.
    I always liked her, but no more will I watch Fox. She was asking why nancy Pelosia doesn’t come back to washington and help pass a facemark law.Fox is all in on facemask.
    They don’t work. there is no science behind them. They do not stop this virus and it is all about control. They can injure a person lungs by breathing in carbon dioxide.

  8. It is so important for Americans to just laugh at these screwball governors who have zero authority. As far as i am concerned , they should be arrested and charged with overthrowing the US constitution which carries the death penalty.
    America has fallen and soon we will witness militias and cartels just like Mexico. And everyone will start killing each other.

  9. There is currently 135,000+ deaths in this Country. Repeat that number. In excess of 6,000 deaths in this State, in a few short months. Many more will die, if we do not stop the spread of this virus. A mask substantially stops the spread.That’s a fact. A mask. I don’t know how to persuade people who do not care about other people to care.I don’t know how to infuse basic ethics in their frozen hearts, but I do know, laws are created to restrain a minority of selfish ignorant people to prevent harm to others. What about My rights-my right to life and to insist on its protection? A piece of cloth is a hill to die on? There is NO viable economy until the virus is controlled. The Governor has the legal right and obligation to protect the people of the State of Michigan. Public officials who disobey her Orders and refuse to protect the public need to be dragged into Court and Ordered to obey the law and face contempt of court (jail and or fines) if they refuse to do so. Enuf already.

  10. Hey all – don’t wear a mask PLEASE! We need to thin the herd, and you’ll be doing everyone a favor by removing yourself from the functioning human race. But we also need you to sign a document refusing any and all medical treatment and hospitalization so that the first responders and doctors can devote their time to those who actually want and need it. As for Bouchard – may the Rona be with him, and SOON!

    ICYMI – COVID doesn’t know or care what your political affiliation is. It’s an equal opportunity virus and just because someone recovers does not mean that they always return to great health – many still have heart, lung, vascular and cognitive issues. Many can never return to work and will have to fight for disability. But hey – you don’t care as long as it doesn’t impact you, entitled asswipe that you are.

    So you all go right on and fight about losing your “liberties” and being forced to wear a mask so that you actually have a chance at not getting COVID. Our Governor is trying to save your life, your children’s lives, your parent’s lives. But if you insist on being an ignorant ass, then may the ‘Rona be with you – we really do need to thin the herd out anyway. Bouchard can go first.

  11. How are you going to find a person $500 for not wearing a mask what I think is it’s not fair I mean you can’t take people’s rights away from them to do what they want to do you just governor and you making your own laws which ain’t Fair there are a lot of people who can’t wear those pants are they going to be fine too you know you don’t even know the health risks of wearing masks oh imma find you $500 because you don’t have a mask on literally there’s something wrong with you woman

  12. So much hate from both sides. People showing how much they care for others by wearing a mask, but speaking to people like garbage. Others acting like we have certain rights like freedom of speech, but if people freely speak a different opinion, their “psychopaths” or “nazis.” I’m wearing a mask because certain things are put into place for our safety. Take motorcycle helmets for instance. That did not go over well when they were required because people rightfully felt they had the choice whether or not to protect themselves in this way. That should not be regulated by others. By wearing a mask, on the other hand, we’re protecting others. I say pick your battles. Wearing a mask now does not mean we can’t revolt when a vaccine is mandated, etc. On the other hand, that’s all this sheriff is doing; picking his battles. He’s still going to respond to calls, but he’s not going to be having his men out ticketing every single person they see without a mask. If he tickets one person, he’ll have to ticket tons of people, and he’d rather have him and his men on what he deems are more crucial duties. I just wish people could see it both ways, have a strong opinion, but be able to not spew so much hate.

  13. Anyone who thinks a stupid little piece of cloth is going to save your ass is a idiot!!!Anyone who is ok with being demanded to wear a mask outside is a idiot!Lmao if this virus was the real deal You Would See Dead People Laying On The Streets!!!If you agree with all this Bs go live in a country ran by socialists!!!Get The F out you people are not true American’s!!!Believing all this BS

  14. What is wrong with people? This is a pandemic. People are dying. The virus is spreading. There’s no medications to save people’s lives. The vaccine that might be effective, is not here yet. Even if you survive the virus, people are reporting a lingering fatigue, and body aches. The Governor has the last say. She doesn’t need permission from the legislature. The Governor is asking us to wear masks and to maintain a six foot personal space between people. Big deal! This is not about your rights or your freedom being taken away…this is about saving lives. It just may be yours!
    I’m sitting in a hospital right now. It is mandated for ALL patients, doctors, employees and yes, visitors must have a mask too or you can’t come in. And yes visitors are screened too, before they are allowed inside the hospital.

    1. I’m a retired RN and worked in a hospital for almost 30 years. We never wore masks for any viral illness because they don’t work for them. They’re doing it now to comply with mandates so they can keep their accreditation. Whitmer is a tyrant who has violated her oaths to the US and Michigan Constitutions and is forcing people to wear a medical device without any training or understanding of how to use them,,like how to properly apply and remove them.

  15. *** After making the proclamation or declaration, the governor may promulgate reasonable orders, rules, and regulations as he or she considers necessary to protect life and property or to bring the emergency situation within the affected area under control.

    This doesn’t say that she can now make laws.

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