Michigan Governor Welcomes Biden But Calls Presidential Visit “Concerning”

Michigan Governor Welcomes Biden But Calls Presidential Visit “Concerning”

Michigan is becoming an important battleground state in the 2020 Presidential election and the state’s Governor has no problems picking sides. The Biden campaign visited Michigan yesterday to try to bolster support. President Trump is scheduled to speak in Freeland tonight inside of a hangar at the airport. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is “distressed” about the Presidential visit but seems to fully support a visit from Biden.

“We anticipate that he’ll be descending upon this state, and perhaps encouraging people to come maskless, and come together in ways we’ve seen them happening across the country,” … “I think this is very distressing.” 

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan has been a blue state for decades. President Trump won the state by a slim margin in 2016 and the 16 electoral votes are in play for the 2020 voting season. Midterm elections in 2018 gave Gretchen Whitmer the Governorship and in her time as the state’s leader has been a wild ride for citizens. Harsh lockdowns and terrible handling of the pandemic have caused undue pain for the citizens of Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer is facing a recall effort and multiple lawsuits. The “Unlock Michigan” petition has surpassed its goal ahead of schedule and just this week the Michigan Supreme Court heard complaints related to excessive use and potential abuse of emergency powers. The court has scheduled another session to hear more complaints.

Biden’s visit to Michigan was marked with low enthusiasm and his closed door event didn’t allow any supporters inside. While pulling up to the venue the democratic candidate was met with a group of Trump supporters who heckled him as he passed by. His event was attended by less than 10 people who were obligated to stay within circles painted on the ground.

Popularity for the President in the state of Michigan is high. Despite various false polling reports the approval rating among republicans and centrists in the state is exceptionally high. The state is expected to vote Republican in 2020 matching the last Presidential election cycle according to internal polling reports. Waning support for Biden has driven the Democratic candidate to alter his campaigning style and schedule a visit to the state.


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