Michigan Governor Recall Petition is Full Steam Ahead, Kits Arriving to Canvassers

Michigan Governor Recall Petition is Full Steam Ahead, Kits Arriving to Canvassers

The petition to recall Governor Gretchen Whitmer is full steam ahead. Petition kits have been sent out and are now arriving to volunteers who will canvas for signatures. Signature gathering can begin on July 29th and the petition requires about 1 million people to sign it.

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers officially approved the final recall petition’s language early in June. The board unanimously passed the vote during a virtual meeting. The bipartisan group approved this language after two drafts were not approved. Recall efforts began after public sentiment for the heavy-handed Governor turned negative. Her shut-down orders now proceed past the 100 day mark and she’s once again extended the state of emergency.

Governor Whitmer at a press conference discussing “Operation Gridlock”

The final language was submitted by Chad Baase from Albion, Michigan. This petition is widely supported across the state and should easily bypass the required one million signatures for it to proceed. The signatures must be collected within 60 days.

The recall effort is centered on nine executive orders starting with the initial March 10th state of emergency declaration to the order. It includes multiple orders that call for the temporary suspension of business and activities not deemed essential to maintain or protect life. The petition also includes numerous extensions.

The President has stated that various states with Democrat Governors have found ways to block campaign rallies. Nevada, Minnesota and Michigan were all states that the President mentioned as examples. States of Emergency and special medical restrictions on the sizes of gatherings are blocking the rallies altogether. Freedom of Assembly is a fundamental part of this country and it’s political processes. Restricting that right, at a time when it’s more critical than ever, puts the country in danger far greater than a virus.

It’s opportune timing to be blocking political rallies. The President’s rallies have been the main driving force of his campaign, circumventing the mainstream-media and demonstrating how large the President’s base is. Meanwhile, Joe Biden announced he will not be hold any rallies this year, claiming it’s because of the virus.

The embattled Governor is currently being sued by GOP lawmakers for her orders. A recall petition is also in the works. Signature collection begins on July 29th and roughly 1 million signatures are required. Recall organizers have finalized language of the petition and are organizing to quickly hit the goal within the allotted timeframe of 60 days.

The state has been fighting back against Whitmer’s excessive executive orders. She’s used the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, passed in 1945, to impose emergency restrictions on the state. Legislators have submitted bills to revoke the Governor’s special power.

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