Michigan GOP Officials Threatened and Doxxed by Michigan Democrats After Pushing for Audit

Michigan GOP Officials Threatened and Doxxed by Michigan Democrats After Pushing for Audit

Wayne County, Michigan has become a focal point of the 2020 Presidential Election. Voting irregularities have been widespread and mild investigation has been met with hostile reactions from the liberal left. Democrats Ned Staebler and Abraham Aiyash threatened various GOP officials for voicing their concerns during vote certification by exposing their names and the schools which their children attend. Video of the two Democrat operatives was clipped and shared from the online zoom meeting.

Democrats Ned Staebler and Abraham Aiyash gave out the specific names of political adversaries including the names of their children and the names of the schools they attend. Exposing private information, known as doxxing, is a method of threatening and inciting others to harass targets by releasing their private information with subtle suggestions. Those named will have to make alterations to their life to avoid the harassment from democrat activists who may be encouraged by the reckless comments from Staebler and Aiyash.


Just know when you try to sleep tonight that millions of people around the world now on twitter know the name Monica Palmer and William Hartmann as two people, completely racist, and without the understanding of integrity means, or a shred of human decency.” … “Lord knows when you go to meet your maker your soul is going to be very…. very… warm.”

Ned Staebler

Vote integrity is a bipartisan endeavor. All participants in the republic have vested interest in honoring the will of the people to cast their votes in elections. Irregularities of any sort must be sorted out prior to certification of the results. Wayne County has been in dispute over certification for several days. Last night the board agreed to certify the vote on condition of an audit of several precincts that had unusual data.

Pressuring board members to reach a decision with threats, harassment, or doxxing is immoral at best and likely illegal. Elections are a sacred part of Democracy and public trust in the voting results is a paramount result that’s more important than the choice of candidate. Interference in this process breed distrust in the system and can cause an overall breakdown in the peaceful transfer of power.

Mail in voting has been a fiery debate in the state of Michigan. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson sent out multiple rounds of absentee ballot applications. Immediately reports came flooding in regarding risk of fraud as ballot applications came to prior residents, non-citizens, and even deceased voters who were still on the voting rolls. The Secretary of State has also warned that she will not be submitting election results for as long as two weeks after election day.

Deceased voters, out-of-state voters, and otherwise ineligible votes must all be thrown out. Voter suppression is defined as any illegal ballot. Ballots submitted in good faith that are non-compliant water down the legal votes from actual voters. Removing illegal votes from the count is a critically important phase of certifying the election results.

The President weighed in on the confusion in Wayne County. He tweeted saying that the numbers are still 71% out of balance and that there are widespread irregularities in the polling numbers. “More votes than people” he said. The President went to say that the “two harassed patriot canvassers refuse to sign the papers!”

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