Medical Examiner’s Report Proves George Floyd Overdosed on Fentanyl

Medical Examiner’s Report Proves George Floyd Overdosed on Fentanyl

After months of rioting and burning of American cities over the death of George Floyd during his arrest, new details are coming to light that may change the picture. The Chief Hennepin County Medical Examiner who reviewed the blood tests done on George Floyd during his autopsy reported results that show that he died of an overdose death. The arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, was charged with 2nd degree murder by the Minnesota Attorney General Kieth Ellison.

Viral video of Floyd’s arrest circulated and sparked nationwide riots. The video showed Officer Chauvin holding Floyd down on the ground with his knee on his neck. Floyd is heard in the video saying “I can’t breath” and later died of the fentanyl overdose.

Extended video evidence was released months later and showed a different reality of what lead up to the death. George Floyd is seen eating evidence. Bodycam footage from arresting officers shows him clearly with a white substance in his mouth. He vigorously chews it while pleading to not be arrested. Moments later, Floyd is handcuffed and begins sweating profusely and saying he cannot breathe. As he’s being loaded into the squad car he begins resisting and asks to be laid on the ground instead of being put into the claustrophobic car.

Toxicology reports often take extra time beyond the results of an initial autopsy. In this case the reality of the situation seems not to have been all that important to those who used the incident as a vehicle for their political aspirations. Riotous crowds have spend months burning and looting our beautiful cities and now we know it was all for a man who ate a fatal dose of opiates to avoid justice.

It’s become routine with these types of incident that deeper looks into the facts make the whole thing look very different. Some question why the Minneapolis Police would wait so long to release the body cam footage. Charges against the arresting officer are going to be very difficult to convict and the city will face another round of violence when a not guilty verdict is read. It’s almost as though inciting racial violence and rioting was an intentional part of the city’s handling of Floyd’s death. Perhaps all of this looting and rioting wasn’t all about George Floyd from the beginning.

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