Last Week’s Twitter Hack Exposed Direct Messages of High Profile Users

Last Week’s Twitter Hack Exposed Direct Messages of High Profile Users

Last week Twitter suffered a major security breach that exposed thousands of accounts. The hackers posted requests for bitcoin donations but recent news shows the direct messages were also exposed. This type of data is highly sensitive, users trust the enormous corporation to take their security seriously. A breach of direct messages puts many at risk.

Screenshot of Twitter’s administration tools.

Political accounts were among those affected and it’s even possible that matters of national security were exposed. Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden were among the users affected by the hack. Although they may not have posted anything classified, it’s possible other users, especially internationally, reached out with information on sensitive topics.

Some of the largest accounts on the site were been taken over and issued tweets asking for bitcoin donations. Other targets included Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Uber and Apple. Twitter says it’s looking into the source of the attack but there is bound to be major fallout. Twitter is one of the largest messaging platforms on the internet and the direct messages of all accounts may have been exposed.

This is certainly the largest hack Twitter has ever seen. The site has been under immense pressure lately as it’s executives have been called to capital hill to testify. Twitter recently hired an ex-FBI deep state attorney to represent them in future proceedings. James Baker has been picked up by Twitter to be it’s new General Counsel. Baker has a long history in the public eye after being reassigned away from the crossfire hurricane investigation in December 2017.

Federal authorities have gotten involved in investigating the hack. The sensitive nature of the accounts targeted and the scale of the breach itself warranted a special look. So far details have not been released but we can assume the authorities are well on their way to finding out who carried out the attack. It will likely be of an origin outside of the US to complicate justice, however tracing technology can eventually pinpoint exactly where the attack came from.

Suspicious precursers have been discovered now that the hack has taken place. Notorious only personality Kim Dotcom posted a poll 12 hours before the hack took place, asking what people would do with a “God Mode” feature on Twitter.

Imagine you had access to a god mode feature on Twitter. In addition to the comment, reply and like feature you also have a kill button to instantly make the author of a tweet disappear without a trace and without anyone knowing that it was you. Would you have used that feature?

(@KimDotcom) July 15, 2020

Twitter recently made headlines with a sweeping ban on Christian and conservative accounts on the platform. Twitter made the announcement after it banned 7,000 accounts and limited 150,000 more. The twitter statement says the company is “taking action on so-called ‘QAnon’ activity across the service. We will permanently suspend accounts tweeting about these topics.”

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