Kenosha County Sheriff Knelt With Black Lives Matter in June

Kenosha County Sheriff Knelt With Black Lives Matter in June

In June, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth took it upon himself to kneel among Black Lives Matter protesters. Weeks later, the city is being torn apart by rioters who are burning private businesses and violent chaos has taken over the streets of the once peaceful county. The Sheriff’s role is to protect the citizens of the county with his lawfully appointed powers, however Sheriff Beth is using the power of his badge to inflate the riots and make the situation much worse.

Riots broke out in the city after police fired on Jacob Blake during a felony arrest. Blake was brandishing a knife and was shot in the back while reaching for a weapon in his vehicle. At first it was reactionary BLM protests but by sundown it was a full blown riot. Videos showed an officer being knocked unconscious by a brick thrown by rioters. Later that night the violence turned fatal when three rioters were shot. Two died of their injuries.


As widespread racial riots spread across the country citizens are coming to rely much more heavily on local law enforcement. Sheriffs are duly elected by the local community specifically to carry out enforcement of the law. When a Sheriff kneels before an anti-police movement and allows a city to succumb to burning violence the citizens are the ones left to deal with smoking ashes. Wisconsin is a wonderful place with great people. The situation there is not acceptable and to see the local sheriff taking a knee shakes all faith in the local justice system.

Shootings this week have pressed the situation into terrible dangerous territory. Armed protesters on both sides raise the likelihood of violent encounters in the civilized society we supposedly live in. Wisconsin is not the place for random shootings in the street and the devolving of the situation into near lawlessness leave locals concerned about the future weeks and months.

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