Indiana and Minnesota Mandate Masks With Threat of Misdemeanor Fines

Indiana and Minnesota Mandate Masks With Threat of Misdemeanor Fines

Today the Governors of Minnesota and Indiana both announced mandatory mask mandates. Like other states, the mandates carry a misdemeanor fine and are not applied under criminal law. States like Texas, Michigan and others have seen many county sheriffs say they will not enforce the rules.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb

Indiana’s mask mandate says all people over the age of 8 will be required to wear masks. Beginning Monday, a violation will be a class B misdemeanor. Minnesota has also enacted a mask mandate. Starting Saturday, everyone over 5 years old will be required to wear a mask in the state. The Minnesota mandate comes with a fine of $100 and business owners who violate the mandate are subject to $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail.

The Governor’s order is not law. Governors cannot create law; that is something for the state’s legislature. Once a bill is passed a Governor can sign it into law, but creation of law from thin air by divine ruler is authoritarianism and contrary to the American way.

Leaked email correspondence with Oakland County Sheriff in Michigan indicates he’s unwilling to enforce the Michigan Governor’s order. He says plainly that the order “is not a law” but says the department will respond to complaints and calls for service. Various Sheriffs across the country have publicly stated they will not enforce Governor mandated mask orders, explaining that executive orders are not law.

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