India Bans 59 Apps Citing Security, TikTok and WeChat Included

India Bans 59 Apps Citing Security, TikTok and WeChat Included

Today the nation of India announced a large measure to block some social media apps. The list includes 59 different applications. The largest of which is TikTok, a Chinese-owned video sharing platform. Weibo and WeChat were also banned.

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TikTok has been under intense scrutiny by the US Military. In January the Pentagon blocked the app from all military devices, insisted members delete the app, and cited “potential risk associated with using the TikTok app.”  “It is considered a cyber threat,” says Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa, an Army spokeswoman,

“We do not allow it on government phones.” … “It is considered a cyber threat,”

Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa – Army

Recently, New York representative, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, took to twitter to cheer on TikTok users for trolling President Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma rally by requesting fake tickets. The main concern with TiktTok has been how the app is able to backdoor and gain root access to the user’s phone. This grants Chinese access to users’ photos, text message history, browsers history, camera data and microphone recordings. It’s plausible that phones with the app installed could be used as a botnet to request rally tickets, bypassing foreign filters on ticketing sites.