Governor Whitmer Extends Michigan’s State of Emergency Yet Again

Governor Whitmer Extends Michigan’s State of Emergency Yet Again

Today Governor Whitmer has extended Michigan’s state of emergency yet again. The Emergency was scheduled to end on July 16th. The extension will now last until August 11th unless extended again. The extension allows Whitmer to retain special powers as Governor.

The embattled Governor is currently being sued by GOP lawmakers for her orders. A recall petition is also in the works. Signature collection begins on July 29th and roughly 1 million signatures are required. Recall organizers have finalized language of the petition and are organizing to quickly hit the goal within the allotted timeframe of 60 days.

The recall effort is centered on nine executive orders starting with the initial March 10th state of emergency declaration to the order. It includes multiple orders that call for the temporary suspension of business and activities not deemed essential to maintain or protect life. The petition also includes numerous extensions.

“She didn’t put through effective measures with COVID to ensure businesses didn’t have to close their doors… …Some places couldn’t social distance under the federal guidelines, but many businesses could have stayed open with safety guidelines in place and were forced out of work.

“You can’t take away someone’s income and say you’re eligible for pandemic unemployment but then you can’t speak with anyone. I’m still waiting on my unemployment. They owe me 10 weeks.”

Chad Baase MBOSC
Gretchen Whitmer
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

This week a Governor’s order requiring masks went into effect. The order threatens fines of up to $500 for non-compliance. Business are also at risk of losing their licenses if they do not deny service to people without masks. Business owners are now in the precarious position of having to enforce ambiguous orders. Mask orders are riddled with exemptions and special cases where people do not have to comply. Business owners must now decide if they want to hassle their customers or risk losing their license.

Numerous Sheriffs across the state have announced they will not enforce the Governor’s new rule. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said plainly that the order “is not a law.”

2 thoughts on “Governor Whitmer Extends Michigan’s State of Emergency Yet Again

  1. Who pays any attention to power loving Demoncrats. In the beginning, perhaps her caution was deserved—but Demoncrats cannot help themselves trying to “own” and control every aspect of the lives of people—does she think she is the only one who is wise enough to take care of themselves and must take care of the world sharing her
    “FEAR” tactics! I’m over her and over it. We have Demoncrats who manage our mobile home park and they are no different—RULES that rob our lives as if we were infants rather than those older and wiser than she. and THAT! pretty much sums up DEMON CRATS!!! CONTROL!!!

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