General Flynn’s Defense Files Appeal to Rehearing Request

General Flynn’s Defense Files Appeal to Rehearing Request

The defense team for General Flynn filed an appear to the court’s rehearing request. The court case surrounding Michael Flynn has turned out to be quite the demonstration of how kangaroo courts work. The prosecution withdrew it’s case and recommended dismissal but an activist Judge named Sullivan has continued to drag the case out for as long as he possibly can.

Judge Sullivan

The defense’s appeal will likely end the case once and for all. The appeal points out how unprecedented it is for a judge to carry on a case in this manner. Judge Sullivan was ordered by the DC circuit to respond the Flynn’s mandamus petition. The back-and-forth between the defense and prosecution has been muddied by the Judge’s inference in the process.

This court case has made a mockery of the entire legal system. It’s also exposed several players in the Justice system as highly partisan hacks who are undeserving of their titles. Judge Sullivan and Judge Wilkins have both undermined the credibility of the court with their personal pursuits. Using the law as a weapon of their own brings great danger to the very legal system they are sworn to uphold.

The lawsuit against Michael Flynn has been a witch hunt from the beginning. The prosecution at this point has completely backed off of their case and requested it be withdrawn. The courts have their own plans and it seems the Judge has taken it upon himself to fulfill the role of the entire DOJ using his own discretion.

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