Federal Officers Coming to Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee as Operation Legend is Expanded

Federal Officers Coming to Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee as Operation Legend is Expanded

Last week the President hinted at sending federal officers into more large cities as unrest grows across the country. Operation Legend has been expanded today and will now include 3 more major cities. Detroit, Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are all now included in the Department of Justice Operation designed to restore law and order to chaotic locales.

Attorney General with the mother of LeGend Taliferro, after which the operation is named

The operation includes elements from across the entire Department of Justice. The FBI, DEA, ATF, and US Marshals will all be participating in programs designed to disrupt spikes in violence that have plagued these cities. Each city will be receiving specialized teams based on it’s own needs. Detroit will receive 42 federal agents and an additional 10 ATF agents have been reassigned to gun violence.

Cleveland will see 25 additional federal officers and Milwaukee will also see an additional 25. The Bureau of Justice Assistance will also spend $1.9 million to support the efforts in Milwaukee, $1.4 million in Detroit, and $1 million in Cleveland. Additionally, Detroit will get $2.4 million to fund hiring 15 new officers.

Last week the AFT’s Gun Crime Unit arrived in Chicago as part of the same operation. That unit specializes in weapon forensics, something Chicago has struggled with more than other cities.  Their specialized equipment and techniques allow them use forensics to solve firearms cases. They use their federal authority to quickly reference forensic data against the larger criminal databases to quickly make connections that solve cases.

Federal intervention in these cities will surely turn the tide of violence. Local leadership has routinely made choices that have allowed the criminal elements to flourish. Simple policing expressed by lawful means with basic support is truly all that’s necessary to bring peace back to the country. Law and order is the fundamental part of what makes this country special.

Link to the Department of Justice Announcement here.

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