Dominion Voting System Patents List Chinese Banks as Collateral in 2019 Filing

Dominion Voting System Patents List Chinese Banks as Collateral in 2019 Filing

According to documents listed publicly on the US Patent and Trademark Office, various patents associated with Dominion Voting System have a Chinese Bank listed as their collateral agent. 18 specific patent entities are listed with HSBC Bank CANADA as the assignee. HSBC is the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China and represents an international banking conglomerate. The entity acts as an arm of the Chinese Communist Party to carry out the party’s interests globally.

Foreign interests in election systems is cause for high concern. The accurate tabulation, counting, and reporting of election results is a critical component of a functional election process. After years of complaints from bipartisan groups about the security of electronic voting processes the 2020 US Presidential Election has brought the issue to a climax. Now exposed patents show foreign adversaries have made actual financial inroads to gain influence of the tools used in US elections.

Screen shot of the HSBC Corporate Site

Dominion Voting Systems is at the center of a massive scandal that alleges widespread electronic voter fraud was carried out in the 2020 US Presidential Election. The Trump Campaign’s legal team claims to have proof of cyber warfare techniques and tools used to rig the outcome of the election. For years bipartisan politicians and experts have raised questions about the integrity of electronic voting systems from Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatics, and SCYTL.

US Patents for Dominion with HSBC listed as Collateral

The HSBC listing on the patents in question lists the Toronto, Canada branch of HSBC Bank. The bank’s headquarters is in Hong Kong, a formerly independent zone that was absorbed into greater China this year. The 18 patents are all directly related to the handling of ballots and votes through the counting process. Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian based company with questionable history that includes roots in election rigging of South America.

Dominion Voting Systems are used in more than 30 US States and in Michigan the system is used in more than half of all counties. Dominion has a widespread footprint across the country and as part of the contracted duties they even supply workers to operate the machines. That’s right, a foreign company is hiring workers to count votes in more than half of the USA’s polling sites.

The company has a contract partnership with Smartmatics. Smartmatics is also foreign based and operates servers in Frankfurt, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. Smartmatics is in charge of collecting and indexing all of the tabulation data from the polling sites. They then combine the data into more complete results that are sent back for certification. US Elections are being calculated in the middle of Europe. This is a violation of US election law but more importantly it calls into question the validity of the results if the chain of custody is lost to international handlers. 

Foreign investment of any kind into US critical infrastructure is grounds for national security concerns. The electronic voting systems used in the election process are of the utmost importance for maintaining the integrity of the results and expressing the will of the governed. People around the world rely on election processes and equipment to accurately carry their will into the political leadership that instructs their daily lives and any risk to that system must be taken seriously.


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