Did the GEMS Program Undermine US Election Integrity?

Did the GEMS Program Undermine US Election Integrity?

A small number of companies have managed to corner the US election market and have taken over ballot management and counting. This short list of companies includes the now famous Dominion Voting Systems as well as a handful of other firms with histories that are just as troubling. An underlying software core connects these companies together and gives insight into the potential for cyberwarfare election fraud in the USA. Introduce yourself to GEMS.

GEMS is the General Election Management System. It was the product of a company called Diedbold that was founded in Ohio back in 2002. Diebold grew and was eventually rolled into Premier Election Solutions and was ultimately bought by Dominion Voting Systems. The GEMS software core is used widely across the US under various brand names including Dominion Voting Systems, ES & S, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia and Smartmatic.

One key feature of the GEMS software core is fraction magic. According to blackboxvoting.org this method allows for weighting of votes instead of direct integer counting on a per ballot basis. Fractional weighting of ballots ruins the sanctity of the voting process and presents an opportunity for election software to express operational control over the outcome of an election.

A string of shell companies and mergers tell a tale of semi-secret foreign control over the US Election system, including one of the country’s most nefarious enemies. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have a boardmember named Mark Malloc-Brown who is also the chairman of SGO and it’s elections division, Smartmatic. This information is listed on the Open Society Foundation public website.

The 2004 Presidential election saw its own fair share of fraud. After the initial reporting of John Kerry’s loss the campaign began pursuit of a recount but quickly conceded victory to stop investigation. An Ohio election attorney spoke with John Kerry shortly after and reports he discussed the electronic election rigging behind the scenes. Video below:


Included below is a PDF document from the state of Colorado that outlines a certification plan used on Dominion Tabulation machines in December of 2011. Sectuib 1.8.1 details the GEMS core software module of the package. In this evaluation four errors are listen that were reportedly fixed with a software update. This confirmation of the GEMS core being used in Dominion Voting systems and calls into question the neutrality of these critical devices.

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