Could General Flynn Return to Service in the White House?

Could General Flynn Return to Service in the White House?

General Michael Flynn is facing a complete exoneration as his wild ride in the courts comes to an end. The former National Security Advisor has been out of politics for three years while he fought against a corrupted judicial process. Will the three-star General make a return to political office? As the General’s legal jeopardy dissolves in the sunlight, Flynn may see a return to US leadership.

Phone calls during the transition period were used by political enemies to try to knock Flynn out. Peter Strzok at the FBI painted a picture of conflicting stories that forced the White House to fire Flynn. Investigations have proven those allegations to be false and the superstar General has cleared his name.

After the Department of Justice has cleared Flynn it’s been rumored that the White House would like to bring the General back into leadership. The President spoke plainly when he told reporters that he’d welcome Michael Flynn back into the White House.

“I would. I think he’s a great gentleman. … He’s a great — he’s been in the military for many, many decades, actually. Highly respected. What General Flynn went through is so unfair.”

President Trump (July 14th, 2020)

So what kind of role could Michael Flynn take? It’s hard to say but it’s certain that the President has an affection for Michael Flynn, his career, and his achievements. Michael Flynn famously blew the whistle on the Obama Administration. It’s presumably why he’s so hated by the media. The President naming General Flynn to a high level position in the DOJ or cabinet would cause the liberal media complex to short circuit.

Flynn served an illustrious career in the Military. Focusing on counter-terrorism and insurgent networks, the distinguished leader was a natural choice for President Trump. Unfortunately that came to an end early in February when Flynn was abruptly fired when a scandal arose about a potential lie told to Vice President Mike Pence.

Shortly after, Michael Flynn was targeted by surreptitious FBI activists and by all accounts, forced to plead guilty in order to save his son from being railroaded with charges. For three years now, the court case has been a roller coaster of lies, deceit, and deception. The case against Flynn has completely fallen apart and damaging revelations about the case’s origins came more clear.

Recently, declassifications and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have brought light to the situation. New information proves the FBI began it’s investigations despite knowing the source material was garbage. Rather than moving on, the FBI knowingly proceeded to spy on the Trump campaign and tried to sink his NSA. Court records show this illegal monitoring even lasted into the Presidency, marking a low point for peaceful transition of power in the US history.

Peter Strzok was the lead FBI investigator in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation that focused efforts around Donald Trump. The paper trail proves an illegal and subversive effort was taken by the Obama DOJ to destroy the President before he took office. Strzok’s own words describe the plot as an insurance policy, should Trump win the Presidency.

Peter Strzok

Court documents prove the FBI was using illicit techniques and foreign assets, funded by campaign money, to smear a political opponent. It raises questions on why the investigation carried on throughout the summer and how it could have been authorized for so long. The initial FISA application was renewed an additional three times, signed by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The US Chief of Staff has said it’s “time for people to go to jail” while discussing the topic. Mark Meadows told reporters about the brazen violations at the FBI. They knowingly carried out the investigation after US intelligence was raising alarms about the source intel that started the whole thing.

 Judge Sullivan, who presided over Flynn’s case, has hired a lawyer to represent him personally. Sullivan hired Beth Wilkinson. Bringing in counsel for defense indicates Sullivan is expecting intense reaction from his brazen moves. Reviews of the case have shown the actions of Judge Sullivan may have put him into legal jeopardy.

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