Chinese War Games Threaten Taiwan by Simulating Invasion

Chinese War Games Threaten Taiwan by Simulating Invasion

The Chinese military is set to begin its special naval war games in the South China Sea. The war games will simulate an invasion of Taiwan, much to the dismay of the citizens there and much of the surrounding nations. China has been trying to express it’s authority in the region and is eager to move on from it’s virus outbreak disaster.

The war game’s will include both of China’s small aircraft carriers and will demonstrate the capabilities of the Chinese Navy. Taiwan is well prepared for a real invasion and has been stocking up on defenses. The US recently approved a deal to sell fighter jets specifically for strategic defense from Chinese aggression.

Naval operations will be taking place between two Taiwanese island groups, Pratas and Penghu. These islands are strategic positions that are key sites for China to secure a supply route to any forces invading Taiwan. The Taiwanese Military has been bolstering it’s own defenses and sent reinforcements to the area. They have also equipped their F-16 fighter jets with Harpoon anti-ship missiles which would be highly effective against a weak Chinese navy.

Taiwan has also ramped up drone operations ahead of the war games. In the event that China takes actions for real, the Taiwanese military will be ready to spot it and take action. The Taiwanese navy is using Albatross Drones with a 90 range mile and specialized camera systems.


Taiwan is earning independence while China continues to try to promote the One China policy. China has been desperately pressuring other nations to accept the policy which forces diplomacy for those nations to go through Beijing. President Trump has been pushing back on the policy and having direct diplomacy with Taiwan and signing arms deals with nations surrounding China, bolstering US ambitions.

The White House is sending a cabinet official to Taiwan for the first time since 1979. US relations with Taiwan have been warming during the Trump Administration and this visit marks a new milestone for the two countries. Taiwan has been struggling to fight for independence from mainland China and as relations sour with Beijing, Taiwan has been a friendly partner in Asia.

In May the State Department approved a massive arms deal made directly with Taiwan. China scoffed at the deal but the weapons and equipment is purchased for defense against them in the first place. China has been desperate to maintain control over the island of Taiwan, despite the people’s desire for independence. The island is a critically important location for coastal defense and access to international waters.

Beach defenses in Taiwan for Chinese assaults

Taiwan is a massive manufacturing hub with expertise in high end electronics and computer components. The export volume from the country is enormous and the communist government in China is worried about losing it’s cut. Taiwan has been under control of China for more than 40 years. Under a promised “one country, two systems” policy similar to Hong Kong.

The “One-China Principle” is a Chinese policy of authoritarian control over territories. President Trump rocked the boat early on by having a phone call direct with Taiwan without going through China. That minor move greatly embarrassed China and they totally changed their posture to President Trump. Since then, the President has continuously caused issues for China while making deals and partnerships with other countries in the region.

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