Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry While Riding to Sino-Indian Border

Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry While Riding to Sino-Indian Border

A video is circulating online of a bus full of Chinese PLA soldiers crying as they are driven to the tense border zone with India. The video has been obtained and circulated by Taiwan News. It began circulating around September 20th and the Taiwan News article says it was originally posted by a Pakistani comedian named Zaid Hamid. The tearful soldiers are singing a Chinese Army song called “Green Flowers in the Army.”

The border region between China and India has seen a series of small scale battles. A battle in June was initially reported to killed three but further reports indicate that the number of dead might be significantly higher as both countries try to downplay their losses. It is now estimated that there more than 40 Chinese PLA soldiers killed and 20 Indian soldiers killed in that skirmish alone.

Fighting is in the Galwan Valley in the Himalayan Mountains where the two superpowers are in a territory dispute. China reportedly sent artillery into the area where troops had been digging in and posturing. The added threat of artillery sparked a skirmish. Both India and China are nuclear-capable nations and the prospect of a larger war is a considerable risk.


In terms of international diplomacy the US is an important ally for India at this point in time. China has strained relations with the White House and President Trump while India has made considerable inroads with the business oriented leader. Apple is moving production of iPhones to India and scaling down production in China.

Foxconn announced a massive investment in India as it moves to shift manufacturing out of China. There’s been a slow and gradual move to divest from the communist country and relocate manufacturing elsewhere. Foxconn faces pressure from it’s client base to move production.

Beijing and Washington have had very public disputes as relations between USA and China reach an all time low. The coronavirus has caused massive problems for every country and China has come off poorly. China has repeatedly tried to deny the origins of the virus while they’re inaction exposed neighbors and risked everyone’s safety.

India has had recent clashes with China along the shared border between the countries. Longtime disputes over territory in the region have turned violent military clashes have left dozens dead. These tensions are surely weighing on decisions by Foxconn’s largest customer, Apple. The US based company is also under pressure to reduce it’s investments in China and India is a natural place for expansion.

The infrastructure growth in China has been drawing eyeballs in many regards, but the plan to construct dams that cutoff river flow from India is rather sinister. China is using it’s control of the region of Tibet to restrict a major international river that flows through Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. The river is called The Brahmaputra and called the Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet. It’s fed by mountain runoff from Mount Kailash.

India and China share more than 2,000 miles of border. The two huge countries are in constant dispute over regions along the border. There was a full blown war between India and China in 1962 and there have been dozens of clashes since. Fighting this month in the Galwan Valley in Ldakh, India has been the heaviest in 45 years.

In January China approved a new plan for three new dam projects as part of it’s 12th “five-year plan.” China has routinely lied about their dam projects claiming they will be inline dams that do not divert any flow. These so called Run-of-River (ROR) dams are common but China rarely operates these dams as promised, especially when tensions flare.

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