Chinese Freedom Within Grasp for Chinese?

Chinese Freedom Within Grasp for Chinese?

New Flag of the Federal State of China

On the horizon there is a new Chinese party that has formed that very well may be the road to independence for the Chinese People and also a blessing to the world.

Communism has served no one well historically except those in power. In theory it’s a great concept, wealth distributed evenly to all, so we’re all equal and no one is in need and poverty is eliminated. This sounds good in theory and many lies are told about it’s incentives but requires benevolent leaders who are completely selfless and perfect in character. It also requires benevolent followers.

Only Jesus Christ and Job were considered perfect in the history of mankind so that doesn’t bode well for Communism’s Success.

We are all human and subject to corruption and with power we are corrupted absolutely. Many in power such as the Rothchilds, and the Clintons, and the Bushes of the world, George Soros,(Ruined other countries in the past) who is indirectly funding The Black Lives Matter movement to ruin American society, even for the Black Lives it is supposed to help. How does it help a Black Family when they can no longer shop or work. Looting only lasts for so long, then what? No more shipments are coming in, no one will do business in an area where they will just lose their own goods and efforts down the drain. Do we want to live in a Mad Max world where only the strong survive? The best society to ever be experienced anywhere in the world has been the American way, and giving Rights to the People to safeguard those Freedoms. Freedom to build and create. History has proven the direction both of these ways end up, so why is it difficult to understand what is the best course of action to take?

Even Patriots have issues with the status quo as things have become corrupt to the core, they feel the same way as many that have joined the ranks of antifa regarding current government. It wasn’t always this way though. Things were better back in the day. Less corruption in High Government. While America did have issues with Civil Rights and prior to that Slavery, we Americans have an opportunity to overcome those issues and start anew with a less corrupt government with those prior issues resolved in Unity. This is what Trump is setting out to do is drain the swamp and restore the high government back to it’s former glory, weeding out corruption, and that is why he was elected, and may very well be re-elected for a 2nd term as he’s succeeded to a degree thus far in greatly in upsetting those who would subvert our way of life. He’s also allowed those in Antifa the Freedom (to which they would rather destroy) to also show what they are working for and about.

Think about this for a moment. How many protesters total have there been? Maybe 1 million or less? There is 349 million other Americans who are watching Antifa cause these riots and are becoming red pilled to the facts that this is not a natural riot, and can see those infiltrating our country causing subversion’s throughout.

No, Americans who are for the Republic will not expend Ammo on the antics of Antifa, they will defend their homes and properties by force if necessary, but they will not meet you out on the Battlefield because we all know that would be the end of America as we know it. Order will come to rescue. Antifa will fizzle out, and there’s literally nothing they can do as long as we do not play their game out on the Battlefield. 349 million other Americans now know the depths to which those corrupted will go. Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance. It’s time to restore Order, put down your weapons, and go home to your families.

Voting time will come, and many have seen the recent Riots and actions of those pushing the riots, the Brick pallet drops, the weapons laid on the sides of the roads conveniently to be picked up by someone angry enough to do something about it. The People see your game, they now know that this isn’t a natural drive, and that it’s being orchestrated by those who would seize power. The Chinese CCP Party, not the Russians are the real meddlers in our elections. They are spending money to overthrow and push Joe Biden and other corrupt politicians into the Government space that they control from the sidelines. This is why we see China in everything media because they are bought and paid for. They are literally traitors to this country and their actions Treasonous. Regarding Biden, someone who literally doesn’t even know what year it is and has Dementia because he’s willing to do what the Chinese CCP tell him to do. The Democrats will lose control of this country and America will have the rule of law restored as it hasn’t been in over two decades. Rights of the People will be renewed, and Businesses will be rebuilt. They will vote out the corruption come election time, and I’m not talking about just the Presidency, but the Senate, and the House, and the Local Governments as well. In a way, we can thank Antifa for showing us that Chaos is not what Americans want.

An opportunity has arisen for the Chinese people, and they must seize this opportunity if they ever want to experience true Freedom and have real opportunity in their lifetimes. It could happen near overnight if all came together and banded in unity against the CCP. Communism ruins opportunity. What incentive is there for one to work and grow a business if the success of that business is taken away by a Communist Government to give out to the people, or to have Anarchy and have looters come and take what you have worked hard for? When are you free to speak your mind without the CCP monitoring your phone calls, and ruining your lives for saying things out loud that come to your mind.

One incentive is by the butt end of a nightstick when the Authorities force you to do it. Sounds like a form of slavery to me. Break free of your bonds.

Anyone can have Freedom in America, but it requires work. It will not be given to you. It will not be told to you how to obtain it, but you can research, you can ask others for help, and you can figure it out on your own. You can VOTE-in change. If the country isn’t doing things the way you want them to do it, kicking and screaming is not the way to change it. Make it your life’s work to implement change. If you have valid point, it will be taken, if not then it will be ignored and you should probably consider a different path. Doing for yourself is always far more rewarding when it’s completed and you can see the results, and others can see the results YOU yourself created. You need to be smart about your choices, but that’s part of being free, having the ability to think, make choices, and pursue your form of happiness. The American way of course does limit your rights where anothers rights begin. But you still have this freedom in your home and businesses to do as you please. As for the Chinese people they do not have these freedoms under the CCP but they can have them under the new Federal States of China Party. But it requires the actions of the Chinese. Americans will support you in this effort if you are willing to take the steps necessary.

In China recently the CCP literally carried people out of the voting station who were exercising their free right to vote for Freedom. Just taken away. Don’t stand for it! Fight Back. This is your opportunity. If you cannot vote, then you are not a free people. If you want to be a Free People, Take your right to vote!

Regarding the Antifa group in America and other countries of the world, a word of warning to you or those considering joining their ranks, the lies you are being sold currently are not natural by design, they are engineered to stir up feelings of anger by authoritarian figures who wish to first take the rights away from those Patriots who value the American Flag, it’s Freedoms, and what it stands for, and then after that’s gone, they will take your rights away. You will be discarded in a similar fashion once your purpose is served. You are being lied to, and what you are helping to create will not net you equality for all as promised. You are arrogant to think you are smarter than your parents who are older. They have the internet too and have many years of experience and wisdom on you. Wisdom is knowledge in use. Your parents who you have disowned or disobeyed have been around far longer than you and are closer to the failed histories of communism than you could ever be, and it won’t be different this time. They are not ignorant to the facts, they just feel you are far too young to be dealing in such matters and hope you will listen to their Wisdom. They remember the events of Tienanmen Square, many were alive for it, they saw how Communism worked then, and it wasn’t for the benefit of the people though it was promised. Your parents are right. If you continue you are doomed to repeat history and it will not end well for you. I don’t mean this as a threat, but a warning as to what you will eventually come to realize on your own as many of your parents did who only want the best for you. They just weren’t good at explaining it to you when you asked them and that is because they grew up in a more taboo culture where they don’t talk about such things because they believe by talking about it they are scared you will go down that route, not realizing that if they don’t talk to you about it you will certainly go down that route. Forgive them, go home, apologize for your actions and ask that they be more open with you going forward and that you deserve to be told the truth holding nothing back, and give them a hug, they will accept you back. In the end Family is all many have, and you are not better off without them.

In the end All of us have to decide and ask your self one question. What do you want out of life? The Chinese People, The Americans, and the rest of the world need to ask yourselves this. If Despotism and having Authority hanging over you telling you what you can and cannot do in your own home and businesses is how you want to live, then maybe Communism is the way to go. If you want to build, create, partake in ownership, have the freedom to give to others out of the goodness of your hearts rather than by order of the state, then there is only one way, and that is the American Way. And for the Chinese people who are reading this, Freedom is taken, not given. It is your duty to your family take those bold steps. The American way required rebellion once to obtain Freedom from the British, you must do the same to the CCP. Now is your opportunity.

If you want to see more news regarding this topic, showing video links of some of the recent occurrences read more about it at the article below:

***This article is not endorsed by the “New Federal States of China” party in any way. And are the sole opinions of the Author. None of us are paid for the work that we do. We are Americans wanting to wake the world up and shine a light on the dark atrocities that are occurring across the world!***

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