Chicago Mayor Removes Christopher Columbus Statue From Grant Park

Chicago Mayor Removes Christopher Columbus Statue From Grant Park

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago has unilaterally decided to remove the historical statue of Christopher Columbus from Grant Park. The move was not announced and crews arrived to the park at 3AM to the remove it. A small crowd formed and the mob did not interfere. Crews also removed another statue of Columbus from Arrigo Park on Friday. The statue there was in the middle of a mostly Italian neighborhood.


Both statues were vandalized during riots in the city. The large statue in Grant Park was moments away from being torn down before the city’s police stepped in. There was a terrible scene while police struggled to maintain control of the area around the monument. Industrial fireworks, rocks, and frozen water bottles were thrown at police before a perimeter was established.

The decision to remove the statue is caving to the crowd. Historical monuments are reminders of our history and decisions about putting them up or taking them down should be made properly through petitions and votes. Destroying public property and attacking authorities who protect it is a once way road to lawlessness.

The Italian community has been betrayed by intolerant elements of the social justice movement. The Italian voyager who famously arrived on America’s East coast is being desecrated as a colonialist. History is often disputed but statues and monuments are meant for reflection. They serve as moments to discuss history and how we came to be, for better or worse.

Many statues have been targeted. Columbus has been the focal point of statue protests around the country along with confederate monuments, colonialists, and slave owners.


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2 thoughts on “Chicago Mayor Removes Christopher Columbus Statue From Grant Park

  1. Chicago mayor needs to be put in jail and charged a fine. She is no exception just because she is a mayor. Let’s see where this goes

  2. Is she racist against the Italian part of her community. When will officials stop giving power to people who are to lazy to go through proper channels to have things done. If you are NOT STRONG ENOUGH to KEEP LAW AND ORDER step Down. LET SOMEONE WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR COMMUNITIES TAKE OVER.

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