CDC Revision Clarifies that Only 9,210 Americans Died from COVID-19

CDC Revision Clarifies that Only 9,210 Americans Died from COVID-19

Quietly last week the CDC released a data adjustment related to co-morbidity of covid-19 deaths. The clarification of previous reporting shocked those who have been watching closely. The adjustment was a metric that tracks co-morbidity among the fatal cases of COVID-19 and essentially shows that far less people died from the coronavirus than has been reported. On average, those who died from covid-19 had two or more serious conditions that contributed to death. Essentially the CDC is admitting that the majority of reported deaths are people died with covid-19 rather than dying from it.

Early reports of insanely high death rates were met with skepticism but out of an abundance of caution and trust in our institution the country shut down. 15 days to slow the spread turned into more than 100 days of continuous lockdown with no end in sight. Murky rules about policy have made it difficult even in places where commerce has opened back up.

Various states have had to amend their previous filings on death counts from the virus. Colorado recently revised reporting down by about 25% after they were caught counting deaths of people who tested positive but died from other causes. An example of a 35 year old man in Montezuma County, Colorado was used when he died from alcohol poisoning but was counted as a virus death.

Many clinics in Florida are being reviewed after they were caught submitting suspicious data.  Countless labs say they’ve had 100% positive test results. That means every single person who was tested came back positive, an almost impossible anomaly. Other labs had excessively high rates. Centra Care reported 100% of the 83 people they tested were positive and Alachua reported 88% of all tests came back positive.

The USA has dropped it’s membership from the World Health Organization (WHO) because of Chinese influence. The White House says the WHO has been corrupted by Chinese influence. It delivers evidence that the organization has become useless and even hurts the cause. The USA remains a leader of global health initiatives and will retain that position by reallocation of funds previously sent to the WHO.

Last week the Department of Justice formally requested the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan come clean about their COVID-19 nursing home policies. Those 4 states had exceptionally high mortality rates and each of them shared similar nursing home policies. The mixing of positive cases into sensitive nursing home populations is obviously a contributing factor to the deaths in those states.

Almost instantly the CDC issued this drastic revision of their covid-19 mortality reports. It’s natural to question if the timing of this adjustment is related to prosecutors investigating the actions and gross mismanagement of the pandemic and lockdowns. If the death rate is as low as we’re seeing it clarified to then the public is going to have a lot of questions about what we were put through such strife over such an over represented pandemic.

This formal request for data supporting these decisions is an important step toward accountability. The decision to put positive virus cases into nursing homes with the most sensitive demographic is borderline negligent homicide. Taxpayer paid millions for field hospitals to be set up and for the USS Comfort to be sent to New York Harbor. Those resources sat empty while cases spread among nursing homes.

The President retweeted a citizen who posed this very question. The tweet took note of the massive adjustment, saying that only 6% of the total deaths recorded were actually able to be directly attributed to the virus itself.

The pain from the shutdown has been astronomical. Economic impacts are still unable to be measured and the long term effects will linger for decades. Some estimates claim that as many as a third of small businesses will close forever because of the lockdowns. School closings have been a painful point of conflict where parents and teachers dispute over the right way to open schools up. The President has mentioned the suicide rate increase, as well as alcoholism and drug use.

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