VIDEO: Biden in 2016 Tells US Airmen “Clap! You Stupid Bastards”

Bizarre video has surfaced from a 2016 speech Vice President Joe Biden gave to a military audience of Airmen at an airbase in the United Arab Emirates. After listing accomplishments including a nomination Biden tells the audience to clap and calls them “stupid bastards.”

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Secretary of Defense Says China Has “Killer Satellites and Directed Energy Weapons”

The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, while speaking at the Air Force Association’s 2020 Virtual Air Space & Cyber Conference, announced new capabilities of the Chinese Military’s space program. “Directed Energy Weapons” and “Killer Satellites” were mentioned directly.

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Alcona County Michigan Tells Residents to “Ignore” Lockdown and “Return to Normal”

As the state of Michigan passes 180 days of strict lockdown rules the residents of one country are being told to ignore orders and return to normal. Alcona County issued a board resolution that encourages civil disobedience against the Governor’s harsh rulings.

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