Kenosha County Sheriff Knelt With Black Lives Matter in June

In June, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth took it upon himself to kneel among Black Lives Matter protesters. Weeks later, the city is being torn apart by rioters who are burning private businesses and violent chaos has taken over the streets of the once peaceful county.

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Federal Officers Leave Portland, Give Locals One Week to Quell Violence

A deal has been struck between local, state, and federal leaders to try and solve the unrest and riots in the Pacific Northwest. The federal officers will be leaving the area under the agreement that the local and state police forces will enforce the law.

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Federal Officers Coming to Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee as Operation Legend is Expanded

Last week the President hinted at sending federal officers into more large cities as unrest grows across the country. Operation Legend has been expanded today and will now include 3 more major cities.

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