Alcona County Michigan Tells Residents to “Ignore” Lockdown and “Return to Normal”

As the state of Michigan passes 180 days of strict lockdown rules the residents of one country are being told to ignore orders and return to normal. Alcona County issued a board resolution that encourages civil disobedience against the Governor’s harsh rulings.

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Kodak Selected by White House for Major Pharmaceutical Contract

The White House has selected Kodak for a massive pharmaceutical contract. The move is part of the President’s use of the Defense Production Act. Various critical ingredients for pills and medicines are no longer made in the US. Over decades production of these basic chemicals have moved to overseas where

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Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. For Posting “Misleading” and “Harmful” Information

The leaders at Twitter have decided to suspend the account of Donald Trump Jr. The suspension comes after the President’s son reposted a video of doctors being a press briefing questioning the virus narrative. Don Jr. posted the video and said “This is a must watch!!! So different from the

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