Can Billionaire Bill Gates Explain His Poop Jar?

Can Billionaire Bill Gates Explain His Poop Jar?

Famous for founding Microsoft, Bill Gates has become the face of big pharmaceuticals and during recent rounds of media visits, he’s brought a surprise. The billionaire will often pull out a jar of poop. Similar to how a comedian might pull out a prop for a bit on stage, Bill Gates will handle the jar and hold it up as he talks about the various aspects of third-world life. Medically minded people like nurses, doctors, lab technicians might notice something special about that jar of poop; it doesn’t have a label.

Stool samples and urine samples are no big deal in the medial industry. There are many reasons to collect and test samples. They’re routinely handled by professionals. Samples are worthless without information about when they were collected, who they’re from, and what they are. There will almost always be at least two labels on a jar. One on the side and one on the lid. Suspiciously the samples Bill Gates carries around have no labels whatsoever.

The jar has no label. A minor little detail that can lead to a deeper set of questions about where it came from. Often coming out of his coat pocket or out from behind his chair, the jar seems to always be with Mr. Gates in case he needs to make a point. But where did it come from? Who collected it and how? How old is it? There are endless questions.

“This small amount of feces could contain as many as 200 trillion rotavirus cells, 20 billion shigella bacteria and 100,000 parasitic worm eggs.”

Bill Gates

The ultimate question is: do we take Bill Gates seriously? Can a man who carries around a jar of poop collected from an illicit person in an illicit way really be looked up to as a guiding force in the medical field. His shift into philanthropy is a common career move for embattled elites. The Rockefeller family famously transitioned to philanthropists to head off bad press and improve the public perception of the family’s activities. Bill Gates is no stranger to this world, his father Robert Gates, ran in the same circles.

 Bill Gates, Sr. (2nd from left), Ted Turner, George Soros and David Rockefeller
Bill Gates, Sr. (2nd from left), Ted Turner, George Soros and David Rockefeller

The mantra of his philanthropy has been one of health. He’s targeted vaccines and medicine for various sites in Africa, Central and South America. The Gates Foundation talks about cleaning up dirty villages and purifying water. Bill Gates made a suprise when he drank water from a machine that purified human waste, meaning urine and feces, and output potable water.

Bill Gates officially stepped down from the board at Microsoft in March of this year. He left the CEO position of the company back in 2014. Since then the Gates Foundation, run with his wife Melinda, has been an enormous source of money for various NGOs. Now he funds various groups and travels the world making high-profile visits to villages or low profile visits with fundraisers.

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