Cache of 20,000 Counterfeit US Driver’s Licenses Intercepted from China

Cache of 20,000 Counterfeit US Driver’s Licenses Intercepted from China

Customs officials at Chicago O’Hare airport discovered a trove of 20,000 counterfeit US driver’s licenses. The shipments were mostly from China and Hong Kong, although some were from South Korea and Britian. There were 19,888 licenses and various other fake documents.

These counterfeit driver’s licenses can lead to disastrous consequences,”

Ralph Piccirilli CPB

The cache of fake IDs could have potentially disastrous consequences. Once into circulation these counterfeit documents would undermine all kinds of state and federal services that require ID for authorization. In many states, a driver’s license is all that’s necessary to cast a vote.

Chinese hackers have collected voter logs and private information on Americans for many years. By cross referencing this data and issuing photo identification we can easily imagine a scenario in which tens of thousands of illegal ballots are cast.

Siezure of fraudulent documents from overseas have been spiking since 2019. Various CBP districts have reported an uptick. Fraud has become an increasingly important part of the illicit schemes used to bring foreign illegal aliens into the country. Handing them a fake ID and instructing them to vote a certain way might be a great way for coyotes to help subsidize the cost of trafficking these people into the country.

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