Might be Illegally Funneling Foreign Money to DNC Might be Illegally Funneling Foreign Money to DNC

Credit: The Gateway Pundit – Activists donating to the Black Lives Matter movement may be having their donations funneled directly to the Democratic National Committee without their knowledge. This method of piping donations to an international activist group directly to a singular political party is illegal campaign finance. This move comes as the racially driven protests against law enforcement rage across the country.

Campaign finance law specifically forbids international donations being sent to a political party. Suspiciously, ActBlue is attempting to acting as a charity when it is clearly not qualify. It’s questionable whether anyone donating to BlackLivesMatter knows their donation will be redirected to the Democrat party. Last, It’s even more questionable if an activist in Europe who donates to BLM would be aware that their donation would go to a liberal party in another country.

On the BLM wikipedia page the groups is self-described as “an international human rights movement originating within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people.”

The movement’s website at has a large donation button which directs users to an ActBlue donation page. ActBlue claims to be a tax-exempt organization and all donations are therefore tax-deductible, as an apparent attempt to skirt finance laws. The site’s terms and conditions also directly link to ActBlue and make specific references to “Campaign Finance Laws” indicating some understanding of the legal risk they’re now in jeopardy of facing.

When you research the expenditures of ActBlue, all of their contributions are directly going to top DNC campaigns:

Black Lives Matter Homepage
BlackLivesMatter donation page redirects to ActBlue
Donation Page showing Actblue
BlackLivesMatter donation page redirects to ActBlue
Opensecrets money tracking
BlackLivesMatter donation page redirects to ActBlue