ATF Gun Crime Unit Arrives in Chicago Despite Liberal Mayor Lightfoot’s Objection

ATF Gun Crime Unit Arrives in Chicago Despite Liberal Mayor Lightfoot’s Objection

Today a special federal crime unit arrived in Chicago, Illinois. The use of federal officers has been objected by the Democrat Mayor of the city Laurie Lightfoot. Cook Count Illinois has some of the tightest gun restrictions in the United States. It’s nearly impossible to get a concealed weapons permit there. Despite that, the greater Chicago region is one of the most dangerous parts of the country and has some of the highest rates of gun violence in the world.

The unit is part of the ATF and specializes in gun crime intelligence. Their specialized equipment and techniques allow them use forensics to solve firearms cases. They use their federal authority to quickly reference forensic data against the larger criminal databases to quickly make connections that solve cases. Gun crime has been a particular problem in Chicago.

The President has decided to intervene because of the high levels of violence and homicide in various cities. The levels are a terrible danger for residents and it’s only getting worse. The local Mayor has done nothing to slow the violence and the police forces are slowly losing control of the city. It’s not acceptable for great cities to fall into lawlessness.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

The beautiful downtown park in Chicago looked like a battlefield the night of July 17th. Grant Park was ground zero of the continuing racial riots across the US this summer. Rioters targeted a statue of Columbus in the park and fought violently against the city’s unsupported police force. The statue was defaced with spray-paint reading “decolonize Chicago, Black Lives Matter, and Fuck12.

Federal intervention in the city will surely turn the tide of violence. Chicago leadership has routinely made choices that have allowed the criminal elements of the city to flourish. Simple policing expressed by lawful means with basic support is truly all that’s necessary to bring peace back to the country. Law and order is the fundamental part of what makes this country special.

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