ANTIFA Rioters Keep Getting Identified as Public School Teachers

ANTIFA Rioters Keep Getting Identified as Public School Teachers

As riots rage in the pacific northwest and in other big cities, investigations into those carrying out the violence have turned up some interesting results. It’s almost become a trend that many of the ANTIFA members participating in the riot are identified as public school teachers. It’s highly concerning to consider that violent political activists may be teaching the nations children during daylight hours.

ANTIFA Riot in Berkeley 2017

A subgroup of ANTIFA called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) has been closely tied to educational institutions. Yvette Felarca is facing felony charges of inciting a riot back in 2017 and she was a well known Berkeley middle school teacher. Most parents probably didn’t know she was a militant activist on her free time.

Dozens of teachers have been identified among the arrests made in violent riots in the Pacific Northwest. The correlation is not limited to that region, a Special Education teacher from Atlanta was fired after he posted a comment supporting a man taking a knee on a white toddler’s neck. Brian Papin was was a teacher in Cedar Grove, Atlanta and was recently arrested.

Atlanta Special Ed Teacher Offers Advice for Killing 2-Year-Old White Toddler by Kneeling on His Neck

A core element of ANTIFA tactics is blackout. Blackout is when they wear all black from head-to-toe including face covers. It’s a method to protect the identity of people participating in the riots. It’s highly effective, however, it’s not perfect. High numbers of bystanders recording video of theses events and posting them online give investigators the tools necessary to track people through the event. Sleuths follow piercings, footwear, custom patches, voices, and any other identifying mark they can to locate and identify people involved.

The Police have also been releasing mugshots and information about the people who have been arrested. Basic research into the daily lives of these people show the frightening truth about the proximity these violent people have to the nation’s youth. How pervasive are these ideas among educators?

Mugshots released by the Portland Police [Link]

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law but in public education, cancel culture has taken over as the mode of curating staff. Conservatives, Christians and Republicans have been shamed and forced out of public education and local school boards. Education has given way to indoctrination and now we see just how perverse some of the teachers have become.

As the debate about returning to school rages on, critics of public schooling have a lot to bring to the discussion. Schools who refuse to open are at risk of losing federal funding. The Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, has proposed a credit voucher program so federal funding can “follow the student.” Now this story about political extremists as educators give another reason for parents to reject public schooling.

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