About Repub.li

Founding Editor

My name is Steve Alexander and I was born in Flint, Michigan. This website is a private endeavor with no outside support. There are no funding partners, no content partners, and there are no strings attached to my operation in any way. All operations are funded out of my own pocket and most content is written and edited by me. Stories are generally presented as editorials with as much evidence as possible. I like to cover breaking news and these items are prone to corrections. Please use your own discretion and take the posts here for what they are.


First of all, thank you for being here. I launched this website in June 2020. I am from Flint, Michigan and I am tired of the current media landscape in this country. There are far too many media outlets who operate in concert with one another; instead of investigating and reporting on their own, they take the easy route and publish stories that come through the wire feeds. At Repub.li we strive to bring a fresh perspective for the domestic American patriot.

As a proud citizen of the USA I’m dismayed by people’s lack of respect for the constitution. For too long politicians, police, judges, mayors, governors and the media have trampled all over our laws and the citizens of this country. In my opinion we can put an end to this and restore our country by simply shining the light. Evil lurks in the shadows and sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Truth is the guiding force at Repub.li – there is always more to the story. I strive to make sure the news reported here is as accurate and truthful as possible. If you have concerns with a story’s accuracy please reach out immediately.